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    Yorkshire folk??

    Edge of North Yorkshire! :)
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    Avoid buying a horse with these names

    I used to ride a pony called 'Tish' which I believe was an anagram of something else...she was too!
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    anyone else ever had problems with colic after worming ? (equest pramox)

    I am terrified of this wormer! Actually I am wary of any worer now, but in particular Promax. I wormed my mare with it last year and got a tiny bit on my lip when she threw her head in the air. I was soooo poorly! I ended up in hospital on a drip. Unfortunately the hospital were not certain...
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    collateral ligament injury

    My horse tore her collatoral ligament and had an operation on it in March. Unfortunately it was four days before I went to America for five weeks. :( so my lovely sister was looking after her for me. (Sorry sis :rolleyes: ) The op went really well and she had the stitches out a week later...
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    had to call the vet out this evening

    Hope that does the job for him and he has a quiet night. Hugs x
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    Is my son over horsed???

    I think the horse looks fine for him, however can I just point out that it is VERY important to get the correct fitting hat! Your local supplier should be able to help you to find one that at least allows him to see where he is going :p Fab photos! x
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    Advice needed.Tripping:(

    I believe tripping can also be a sign of Navicular problems so definitely worth getting him checked out. Hugs x
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    I swear by it. My last mare had severe rainscald scarring when I got her and when I mean severe I mean severe! :( She had 4 large bare patches right under her saddle area, which she had had for a numbre of years. Tia (a well respected forum member at the time) advised me to try it and I did...
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    Check ligament injury and bandage sores...

    My horse has just had a bandage on for 7 weeks! (Well of course the vet changed it numerous times during that period) and has a lousy sore on the front of her leg. We have now had to remove bandage from her initial wound to get to the sore. I am using Manuka honey on it. Will let you know how...
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    to insure or not to insure....that is the question

    I have public liabilty through BHS and 'vets only' through NFU. I have paid insurance over the past 8yrs and never used it ever. I pay about £25 a month for this basic cover. However in January this year my mare who was 12 in May has torn her collatoral ligament requiring it to be severed...
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    Activon manuka honey to treat leg wound...

    My mare has been soooo accident prone this year you wouldn't believe! While I was in America for five weeks she stayed with my sister as she had just had a collateral ligament op. We think because she was heavily bandaged she had grazed her hock getting up one day. My sister did everything she...
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    Nice feed-back from liveries!

    As a word of warning there is still plenty of goodness in that grass.... we have a pony who has been very carefully handled over the summer months to prevent Lami suddenly come down with it now :( The owners have had her on restricted grazing right over the summer as a precaution and then...
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    Very sick horse

    Huge hugs and I will be praying he akes it through the night. What a worry for you :( xx
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    Anyone know anything about Trodden on feet?

    The mare I had on lone a few years ago stood on my foot twice in twenty minutes (careless of me I know but the second time I was hobbling and couldn't get out of the way fast enough) Anyway it swelled to enormous proportions and I couldn't weight bear so off I was taken to A&E. Xrays revealed...
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    Volunteering with the RDA

    I was an instructor with the Teesside group for 5yrs and loved it! Definitely worth getting involved with and they always appreciate your help.