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    A HHO'er at Hambleden and some others

    It's me! I'm in the third piccy down of others! I'm the pinky one. Lovely shot, thanks ever so much! Will pm you.
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    Gatcombe ballot... totally gutted. Bit of a rant.. sorry!

    You're not alone. I've had exactly the same happen to me in the 1*. I am thoroughly cheesed off...... Grrrrrr to the ballot! I'm also looking at diverting to SofE, hopefully see you there!
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    Sooo... is there a bit of a sex maniac course designing at ALW?!

    Tehehe! I jumped the novice track there this weekend, and I didn't see the offending member! But I did see the lady in the water! She was there in the spring too! I wonder what will appear in ALW 3....I'm going to take my camera when I walk that course!
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    Badminton Grass Roots Query

    I understand it now, thanks for that.
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    Badminton Grass Roots Query

    I might be wrong, but I had a quick read of the rule book, and if the horse starts the season as a grade 4 (no points), qualifies for the regional final in the spring, it can then do the regional final later that season and qualify for the final. Even if in the meantime it upgrades and gets...
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    Respiratory supplements- recommendations?

    What about steamed hay? Do you know anyone with a steamer or access to one? One of my horses developed an upper resp tract infection and after many a vet visit, scoping and then ventipulmin, which had good results but I couldn't compete him on it as I think it is forbidden. So, we thought...
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    Who is at Firle this weekend?

    Me too, I must be just after you oli, as my XC is at 6.25!!
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    Gatcombe (2) stabling / staying near by

    Yay, not balloted, just moved to Friday dressage! Very very Happy and excited now! :)
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    Gatcombe (2) stabling / staying near by

    Very upset today as I've benn balloted out of Gatcombe CIC* :(
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    Gatcombe (2) stabling / staying near by

    I've entered for Sat dressage. We've never been to Gatcombe before, I'm really looking forward to it. I hope they don't ballot, do you think they will?
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    Gatcombe (2) stabling / staying near by

    Oooooo, I've entered the 1* too. I'm so excited, it'll be my first one! Sorry can't help you on the stabling situation.
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    Tattersalls 2* Videos - Sarnita

    Thanks ever so much for sharing those video's, it's great to see the xc especially as I'm really keen on competing there myself, it looked a beautiful course and your horse looked effortless round it. Really well done. I wonder if you may be able to assist me Sarah-Jane. I'm looking at...
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    Does anyone else feel like their riding deteriorates day by day after a lesson?....

    What about if you have the lesson video'd. Then you can look back on it and see things that the trainer may have said, which you forgot or didn't hear.
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    Chilham Castle Horse Trials

    Hello, I'm running. Have one in 80 and one in novice. Really looking forward to it.
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    Mattingley - a volunteers report

    Rana, please do. xxx