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    Sand school build

    Ours too was ‘cut and fill’ or half-and-half. Both the cut bank, and the fill bank are each over 3 meters in drop/height. But the advantage to this is it gives a fantastic drop down to the lower soak-away, and we have never had even so much as a puddle form - fab drainage as gravity helps you...
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    Horse eating stones/rock's and mud

    One of mine also kept ending up with mud lipstick as he would scratch his bum on the salt lick holder enough to knock the salt block out, and then chase it all over the dusty ground licking it all covered in dirt. I found a net lick holder instead on ebay, which I've tied up in their paddock...
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    Best/cheapest wood pellets bedding? (& discount code)

    Oh, I didn’t know that. I know I used a code that someone had posted on here for 5% off my first order (back a few years ago), which I appreciated, so assumed it was ok.
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    Best/cheapest wood pellets bedding? (& discount code)

    It was from a recommenation from a thread here several years ago that I started ordering wood pellets bedding from White Horse Energy - I've always been happy with them. I just ordered a full pallet now (65 x 15Kg Bags) and it was £275 with free delivery. I can't find anywhere cheaper than...
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    MudControl Clip & Ride - surface slabs

    Hi kerilli, I’ve sent you a private message, thank you
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    MudControl Clip & Ride - surface slabs

    Hi kerilli, I won’t be at Hartpury unfortunately, all your information has been useful though, thank you. I’m going to go for it - I will measure up a section and place an order. Is there any advantage to you if I order through you as a sales rep, otherwise I will just use the phone...
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    MudControl Clip & Ride - surface slabs

    Hi kerilli, Thank you so much for replying, I’ve been checking the thread hoping you would! Can I ask how they lock together, I can’t really tell from the pictures (and unfortunately we are too far away from you for me to come and have a look!) but presumably they must connect...
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    MudControl Clip & Ride - surface slabs

    Thanks for the posts so far guys, this sounds really promising so far! I’d love to hear from Kerilli if she’s used them. I was assuming this winter was too late, and that we would lay them on dry ground after we’ve harrowed in spring. To those that have used them, did you...
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    MudControl Clip & Ride - surface slabs

    Has anyone bought and used these? What are they like? We feed hay in our winter paddock, against a hedge and the last few years it's been so wet and the mud is beyond terrible. I was thinking a square section of these for where the horses stand to eat would...
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    Best place to get grass seed?

    Thank you! The gateway repair mix from the Grass Seed Store looks promising
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    Best place to get grass seed?

    I've got some very large bald areas by the gates in the winter paddocks that will soon be harrowed and rolled, but there's just no grass in these patches at all this year so will need to spread some grass seed around between harrowing and rolling. Any suggestions please as to the best place...
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    20% off Pro Hoof - ends 1200!

    Thanks for sharing this, I didn't know but I'm going to stock up early. It's brilliant stuff, really improved things for one of my horses.
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    No poo, when to worry?

    Hehe! Made me laugh Glad all is ok now though
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    Why did nobody ever tell me about 90 degree stirrups before?!!

    I use them, bought a pair from eBay cheap years ago and love them so much! As you say they make life so much easier, it's a doddle to find the other stirrup when you get on or in any other situation. I loved them so much I kept swapping them to the other saddle when I rode our other horse so I...
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    Better wood pellet bedding?

    I don't know if I've coped the link ok, but there was a really useful thread recently discussing bedding, I know I bought some on the recommendation of the thread, so thought it might be helpful. I hope this link works...