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    Would you put a horse with colic through surgery?

    I probably would, but it would depend. I put my mare through colic surgery 2 years ago when she was in foal. she had 3 foot of gut resected, as she'd swallowed a small length of wire and had badly damaged her gut. Both mare and foal survived and (touch wood) mare has been fine since...
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    Post Colic Surgery Belly Band

    This is what the vet used for my mare post colic surgery. That said, she was in foal, so maybe a belly band was contra-indicated. Hope your friends horse heals soon, but I'm finding it slightly weird that you have vets who can do colic surgery, but not ones who have an xray machine!!!
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    How many people realistically keep their horse as a pet?

    My arab broodmare is now just a pet. she's only 11, but won't be bred from again, as she had colic surgery when she was in foal last time. I love her to bits and she is just a huge pampered pet. She's kept on a yard with facilities that we rarely use, but I like the yard and the stables...
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    tell me about arabs/youngsters?

    My mare has an extra wide 17 inch ideal ramsay. Arabs are wide! I should also add, my yearling has been wonderful to work with. She takes everything in her stride and learns fast. So far, I've found nothing she's frightened of. We went for our first walk down the lanes last weekend and...
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    tell me about arabs/youngsters?

    Do it! I promise you won't regret it! Arabs are very intelligent, so you need to make sure you start them properly. If you get it wrong, they will remember, but they'll remember if you get it right too. Here are my girls. Mum and yearling daughter!
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    hes decided that he no longer wishes to be turned out, stable is much nicer

    My arab mare (currnetly on box rest due to mud fever) was all keen to go out with the others this morning, so I thought I'd take her for a walk. We got as far as the barn entrance, when she saw how hideous the weather was, stopped in her tracks, planted herself and turned round back to her...
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    What do livery users want?

    my priorities are Well fenced paddocks (post and rail; permanent post and electric; equimesh etc) with self filling troughs well maintained paddocks (rolled, harrowed, fertilized, weed killed and reseeded) Good worming programme for whole yard (best one I've seen used on a yard was the...
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    I have a bulldog hitchlock for my 506. As well as locking the hitch to the car, you can put the lock on over the tow hitch while it is attached to the car, which is so useful! Not cheap, but recommend it.
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    Likits and fussy horses

    My horses (all 4) are normally greedy pigs, but none of them like likits. Am I missing a trick for introducing them to them? as I have likits and likit holders and no one touches them! Or do I just have odd horses? After tips please!
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    Rugging- When does it become silly!?

    I hate over-rugging with a passion. However, I have almost lost a native pony that was in a medium weight rug to hypothermia on a wet day too. I have very little shelter, which unfortunatly I can do nothing about. My ponies come in at night. None are in work so they are unclipped. 2 are...
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    Final Height Question?

    Brilliant thank you! I have feeling the outcome is going to be scary!!! I'll do it in the morning.
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    Final Height Question?

    Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow. By point of elbow, do you mean her armpit?
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    Final Height Question?

    How do I string test? I should add, she's 17 months now.
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    Final Height Question?

    I know no one knows for sure, but I'm curious as to people's thoughts on how big my homebred arab filly will get to. I've not bred before, so I'm not sure how much they grow between the ages of 18 months and 4/5 years. I measured my filly tonight and shes just over 14hh on the withers and...
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    Tack shops Dorset?

    Aivly in Ringwood is amazing. Its actually Hampshire, but close enough! Also equishop in Salisbury, which is in Wiltshire, but again, pretty close and very very good.