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    Advice please needed on sale of horse

    No, she did not get a vetting done. She viewed him with 2 other friends. She had a good look all over him and was happy. But just as we loaded him she began to start make little complaints and i said look if you are not happy with buying him i am more than happy to keep him and wait for someone...
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    Advice please needed on sale of horse

    Thanks for the adivce/help. I have atleast 4 texts meassages i have sent her saying i will come and pick him up and pay her the money she paid for him back. I personally think im being really reasonable as im difficult circumstances myself hence why i had to sell him which i wrote clearly in the...
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    Advice please needed on sale of horse

    I am a private seller and due to personal circumstances i have sold a youngster who was recently gelded and its still healing. I told the buyer this on the phone and when they came out they were happy with him, i did say at the time when they looked at him if your not happy with him dont buy...
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    Two extra months for James Gray

    He may have been given 2 months extra but dont people only serve half of their sentence? i.e that would be 4 months????
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    Dealer in Yorkshire

    [ QUOTE ] it sounds like you are talking yourself out of them??? did you check out there website it might give you a better understanding of them?? if you want another dealer give me a pm i know of one where i am getting mine from who is fab, nicky [/ QUOTE ] Not talking myself out of them...
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    Dealer in Yorkshire

    Just seen these two adverts on horsemart and wondered what people thought of both of the horses and if anyone has experiences of the dealer. Both the horses are the height and age i am looking for and in price range but i would like other peoples opinons please...
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    In hand showing - what to wear?

    Just wondered what the handler is expected to where on top and bottom half (i am a woman by the way)? Off to in hand show soon and not sure what i should wear. At some in hand shows i have seen the handler wearing a riding hat and others a trilby hat, what should be worn?? Any suggestions please??
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    John Dyer auctions

    I saw in horse and hound magazine this week that they have a new location for there sales. I was under the impression that he had not paid sellers their money and so therefore the sales had stopped???