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    What would "You" do??

    <font color="blue">bought with Tet at an unwarranted sale..... </font> Did they know it had tetanus, if so, how?
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    Is there a 'morning after' pill for dogs?

    Erm... Is the 'elderly man' VERY elderly? Forgetful 'elderly? Hopefully anyway, good luck!
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    Poorly puppy

    Get well soon little puppy dog x
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    Wow! That's quite a few! Really pleased with the outcome aswell.
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    mark speight found dead

    Really? I didn't know till today... Apparently it was something to do with his girlfriend commiting suicide.
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    The Verdict-horses are safe!

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    You almost pity people like that
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    Do you wave thanks?

    Always. If you don't be polite, they could treat riders with minimal respect from then on.
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    summer turnout

    We only put our horses out for an hour or two each day after they've ridden and only in good weather. We've got an old pony with laminitis so she has to wear a muzzle and the grass is quite luscious so only a few hours at the most for our's.
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    At Last!!! (a little self-indulgent!)

    I can't personally look at it because the internet doesn't seem to be working that well, but I'm sure it's great! What sort of things do you sell?
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    Fat or big riders... on small horses...

    I know! I've seen a few large people competing on dainty ponies. It's not nice when they have a heavy seat because you can constantly hear them slamming in the seat. But I know there are quite a few talented larger riders; Which partially solves the problem.
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    Injured Grand National jockey

    Ouch! I know someone who broke their neck, still alive and all. Apparently it's very painful - he's certainly lucky! He didn't really break his neck though; he just needed three vertebraes re-aligning - Is vertebrae meant to have an 's' on the end? - not sure
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    NEWC on-line petition now live!

    Signing... Signing... Signed - I think it's absolutely awful what he's even thinkng of doing; i mean, how could you give them back to him? An idiots choice in my opinion.
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    Im new, and needing advice

    Hiya!!! Welcome to the forum!!! You'll soon be addicted - it's amazing!!! When are you going to break him in - or has he already been broken???
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    New Pony!!!

    V. nice!!!! Have some fun with him!!!