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    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    Not odd at all, it was probably "decided" long before you went in to the ring who the winner was, sadly that's showing for you.
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    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    I used to go out showing & dressage nearly every weekend. Shows have got so expensive and it also irritates me that I have to pay for memberships on top of entry fee's for local agricultural shows which are poorly attended, chaotic, poor choice of judges and don't offer qualifiers. The hanging...
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    Pictures A "what breed is my horse" question

    I don't see Dales or Friesian either. If I was guessing, maybe ID x Cob x Connie?
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    Wits End with Colic and more colic

    They are such a massive worry. I have a pony that had frequent recurring gas colic, every 2 -3 weeks. He was already on a low sugar/starch diet and nothing was helping him, I was at my wits end too. After a lot of research I put him on Equishure and the difference in him is impressive. It has...
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    Hyperkeratosis / Mallanders

    I have a pony that suffered badly from Mallanders, I managed it the best I could with malaseb and flamazine. I also had him on a vit/mineral supplement which had quite a high daily dose of magnesium (10g). He had been on it for 3 years. I took him off it due to unexplained anxious behaviour...
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    Things found in feed, what would you do?

    Watch out! If you say it's name, it'll be like Candyman, he'll come and get you! ;)
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    Things found in feed, what would you do?

    I've had many problems with this company and their products. Currently using their chaff but 2 bags, one after the other, have had big mouldy clumps and the bag was tainted with a mouldy smell. I'm the same Louby, I'll not be buying anymore.
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    'Flu case in Central Scotland

    Thank you.
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    'Flu case in Central Scotland

    So is that now 4 cases that have come from that yard? The 2 in Scotland & 2 Leicestershire?
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    Disinfectant - which one?

    Virkon or Fam 30, cheap wellies, a good stiff hand brush for scrubbing boots and keep a small knapsack sprayer made up in your car. It's always be best to be seen to be doing something proactive. Boiler suit or cheap disposable overalls. Spray boots & scrub on arriving and leaving, also spray...
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    Teenager thrown off horse, dog owner refuses to call off dog – Devon 7th Jan

    Video here: Both pony and rider were unhurt, thank goodness for that!
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    Is it Spring ?

    It certainly feels like it, grass is visibly growing in my paddocks.
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    Worried - ulcers may have returned - suggestions please :(

    You have mention ordering Sucralfate, as she has had gastric ulcers in the past I would also consider using Omeprazole at the same time to reduce the production of stomach acid. I would also keep her on the Gut Balancer for just now to help support her hindgut and I would also consider taking...
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    Once upon a time......(sad :( )

    So sorry for you loss. What a beautiful tribute for a very much loved Ginger Pony xx
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    Best (Quiet!) Battery Operated Clippers

    I have the Heiniger Xplorer clippers too and love them. They are quiet, light, battery lasts easily for a full clip and batteries charge very quickly.