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    First trip to the beach

    This made me smile before even opening the post. I remember our girly's first trip. She loved it! Beautiful pics. Did he love it? Do you let him off the lead yet? Our dog was about 8 months old for her first trip and I'd never see her run around so loopy before!
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    Standard Poodles

    Do you know, I have no idea... he's been around so long, I'd have to ask my mum. I do know his kennel club name is something like Champamar Shipley... (catchy!). We got him from a breeders locally, but I was 15 at the time and only paid attention to the jet back, long legged mass of curls!.
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    Standard Poodles

    I've shown these before... but any excuse! This is Billy, he's 10.
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    Talisker RIP

    So sorry to hear this news. Hope you are getting lots of loves from your other dog
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    What a clever girl

    Yeah I did. I would be disappointed too. ... but there was one girl who entered her cocker and she'd never done a stay or a recall at all. They failed and she was in bits, but insisted they entered. There's no rush. Our prob is she does her 2 min stay at home and the first few silver weeks...
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    What a clever girl

    Ah well done! And at 6 months too. Clever girl. There were a lot of fidgets in our class when we did our bronze... Have our silver next in a couple of weeks and my girl seems to have caught the fidgets for her 2 min stay. We have some work to do!
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    Thank you for the tips Lady Godiva

    Possibly ... but then I'm exactly the same. I have a collie x, and just love how clever she is. I hadn't had a collie type before and now I'm totally sold on them. I babble on to anyone who will listen about all my girl's achievements. Nice to hear about a dog really thriving. Good luck...
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    Thank you for the tips Lady Godiva

    Proud mum alert!!! She sounds brilliant
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    I am so proud of my dog

    You're on a roll at the moment. Well done!
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    dog agility self indulgent

    Well done! I bet she was really pleased with all those rosettes. I've just started out in agility too (only 2 months) and really looking forward to having a go at a competition, but my dog isn't old enough yet. That and I need to stop getting in a muddle! Can't wait. It's so much fun.
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    Girl dogs that haven't been spade..

    Bless her. Hope she feels better soon.
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    Girl dogs that haven't been spade..

    No idea, sorry... but the vet will tell you. I'd be down there with her today if I were you.
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    Possibly the oldest springer?

    What a character. 19?! Fantastic
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    Bess, our border collie, now four months old

    You're going to love agility. I have a collie X and we've been doing it for about 6 weeks now. It's so much fun! My girl LOVES it. So much enthusiasm (perhaps a little too much!) and now she's starting to know what she's doing it's brilliant.
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    I am very moved by this post. Lovely thoughts and words. So sorry for your loss.