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    Anxiety Levels ThroughThe Roof

    I was just going to say, how old are you? And get those hormones checked. My anxiety was absolutely ridiculous as a result of hormones dropping. I ended up with OCD and at times, not being here seemed like a very good option.
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    Connemara and hock/suspensory problems

    My Connie had quite straight hocks and I am afraid they both went when she was 16. She never really recovered - she was a broodmare until she was 12 so we had 4 years of fun. After that she was on bute pretty permanently but never really felt right most of the time. I lost her in June 2020 as...
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    Your cancellable takes...

    SEU - a FacePlant group showing myriad horses 'misbehaving' and people falling off. There for people to laugh at. A lot of misbehaviour to me was not. So many horses bronking or being what was considered a prat were quite obviously shouting 'I hurt'.
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    Your cancellable takes...

    To SEU posters... 'I hope you got to the bottom of his lameness' or 'How is he/she after treatment?' Oh. Wait. That did get me cancelled.
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    Ok, it’s got to be done! The nickname thread (including cats!)

    Dhahabu (means 'golden' in Swahili is usually referred to as Bums. Some transmogrification. I think it came about because we called him 'Habus' for short and the non-African members of the family thought we'd called him Bumbles. Jinny is known as Pinball. Because she was Jinny Pins and she...
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    Out killing

    My own Labrabugger kills and eats the butter pat with alarming alacrity. Alas, when he catches the wildlife, he likes to carry it around and let it live. He hides bunnies down the back of the sofa. My half Labrabugger, half GWP is called, with some originality, Gunner. He is a gun dog. Most of...
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    Help and Advice for a TB up not an option.

    I am sorry. I lost my bottle completely and utterly as a result of the behaviour of an ex P2Per who'd had a fall. I was no novice, but like you had had a break for a number of years. I went from being able to jump on anything to being absolutely petrified. He was spooky to start with, and...
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    Moving to North Yorkshire!

    Welcome to the best county in the whole wide world. ;) There's a livery yard on the Leeming Bar roundabout which is actually only 5 miles from Northallerton. Which side do you want to be? Do you know where you will be living? It would help and then I can ask those in the know.
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    Post covid fatigue

    It took me 3 months to get over the general fatigue. It was dire in the first 6 weeks after being ill. I was almost fine during being ill... bit of a cough and a cold. And that behind the eyes feeling. But when I was supposedly over it, even making a cup of coffee was exhausting. When I was a...
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    Lets see your Lab pics

    I am commonly known around here as the mother of all labradors... at one stage we had 4.5 labs. I lost Chui at 13. Chui: Habus - son of Chui Little Jinny, mother of Habus, wife of Chui, wondering how a dalliance behind the bike sheds had come to this... Dillon, the star gun dog And...
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    Advice on shoot not following protocol

    I doubt very much they were shooting over the road. If there was a hedge between you and the beating line, they probably didn't see you. Ordinarily, we'd stop if we saw a dangerous situation, and radio through to the lead gun(s) to hold the shoot and we'd hold the line. These days we don't' have...
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    Moving to Northallerton/Thirsk/Malton (North Yorks)

    Thirsk/Malton = much racing fraternity Northallerton - has an equestrian centre - could be worth asking there. All good hacking, really. York is one stop on the train and 12 minutes from Northallerton. Prefer Northallerton over Thirsk (not the nicest place late at night).
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    Lost a dog today…so very sad 😢

    So sorry. So so sorry. I lost my great big Labrador last night. He was 12 and had a chest full of tumours we didn't know about. One was on his heart and it burst. But mine had a good innings. Yours was just a baby.
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    Will he won't he ........

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    FacePlant Selling - Am I missing a trick?

    Hmm. It is all on there cheap as chips. I gave a load of stuff to horsey charities when she went. But there is some brand new stuff, still with tags, that I have put at half price or less and all I get is 'is this still available? I have had one person ask if I could waive the postage...that is...