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    Feeding advice, I'm in a pickle!

    If I were you I would call the lovely folk at Pure Feeds and ask them. They will tell you which feed is best for your boy, and if you need any additional supplements to keep overall intake the same as now. That should simplify it. (I'm not associated with Pure Feeds in any way, I'm just a...
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    Why does he keep weeing??

    It's a well known symptom of Cushings/PPID so if it continues I'd be asking your vet to draw bloods and check. It may just be the high sugars in the grass though, as Fern says.
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    Equitrek trailers

    We have a 2016 Equitrek and so far, touch wood, we haven't had any problems like that. It's used at least once a week (4 times this week!) and stored outside, but I'm a real stickler for thoroughly cleaning it out in between uses and getting it serviced annually. I absolutley love it as a...
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    Daisy reins. My daughter rides with them all the time, and to be honest, I would if I rode her pony too! They are as cheap as chips, and work brilliantly (they attach to the head piece of the bridle, not the bit/nose band, so are kinder than grass reins in my mind).
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    If we were to get a dog...

    Yep, my initial thought was working Cocker Spaniel too. They are awesome active family dogs and can cope with the chaos that comes with kids. To throw in a curved ball - we have 2 lab/spaniel crosses, and they are both amazing. They were both considerably cheaper than pure breeds from a KC type...
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    What trailer for a tall horse?

    It's a Space Treka M, and like I say, it's plenty big enough for the 16.2 beast without her being able to rub her tail on the back wall!
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    What trailer for a tall horse?

    I have an EquiTrek and it would tick all of your boxes. I'm chuffed to bits with it, it's light and balanced to tow, all our horses/ponies travel well in it (including a long 16.2 beast), and the wee tack room is a god send. I know the ET trailers don't get the best write ups, but I haven't...
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    Tipping water buckets

    I have the triangular corner buckets in all 4 of my stables now. They can't kick/stomp/accidentally knock them over. I fill them with a hosepipe or pour in half filled trug buckets to top them up. They are really heavy when full but half full or less I can lift them out to wash them and replace...
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    Owner of yard bossiness

    There's a yard owner like that around here too. Funnily enough, the turnover of liveries is quite high! I'd be packing my bags if I were you, it's just not worth the hassle.
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    Towing with Van!

    I know a couple of folk who tow IW boxes behind VW Transporter campervans. Not sure if they would be beefy enough to tow 2 heavies, but the set up they have seems ideal.
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    Horse on full loan advice

    That's the beauty of a loan - you can give notice and hand the horse back whenever you want. And I very much (100%) doubt the arthritic changes have all happened since the horse was in your care. Does the solicitor understand that? If so, get them to write a strongly worded letter to the owners...
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    Underhorsing my daughter with new pony

    What area of the country are you in? Yes, word of mouth is great, as is asking at your local PC - you don't need to be a fully involved member, just ask the DC of your local branch if he knows of anything available that may be suitable. One of the PCs around here (in Central Scotland) has a for...
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    Straw pellets

    I use Concord and they're great. The trouble is that my idiot mare eats them so she's still on shavings... The other 3 are on straw pellets and they're fine - the pellets are easy to use, economical and rot down on the muck heap to nothing.
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    Bit of a head scratcher! Thoughts welcome

    I'm very glad to read that. Good luck and I hope they find the root of the problem - because there definitely is a problem from what you've said, horses don't just 'explode' repeatedly like that for fun. Your horse is telling you loud and clear that he's in pain/discomfort, and it is your duty...
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    This website has a handy guide... But as the others have said above, it totally depends on the horse, their general health and hardiness, the type of shelter, amount and volume of feeds etc.