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    Help! Does my horse have Ulcers..

    Your horse isn't testing boundaries, he is clearly in pain of some sort. Whether it's ulcers, joint pain, muscular or something else is a question for your vet. Let us know how you get on.
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    Pony share at stables

    I was thinking exactly that. Which branch of the Pony Club is based there? Do they know how the place is run/managed? It goes against everything the pony club stands for, and I'm not sure senior PC management would really approve.
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    What do you feed your poor doers / your thoroughbreds?

    Bailey's Ease & Excel (no 24 cubes, not no 21 mix). It's low starch and sugar so good for ulcers, but high in protein so helps with muscles and weight. I mix it with a handful of chaff to slow him down. I also add salt.
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    Wood pellet prices!

    I use Concorde for straw pellets and really rate them. In fact, I got the recommendation from another HHOer but I can't for the life of me remember who!
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    Has anyone heard of a dealer named Westwood in Aucterauder?

    I went to see a pony there a few years back. The chap seems nice enough, he gets young cobs and the like over from Ireland and backs them himself. So if you're after chunky, native and very green, I'm sure it'll be fine. He only ever keeps them a short while so he probably won't know detailed...
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    Pony share at stables

    Just thinking out loud - do you know where your closes pony club branch is? Could you drop the DC a quick line to see if any of the kids at the pony club would like a share rider? Then you could ask the insructor that he likes to come and give you private lessons (if they do freelance teaching -...
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    Pony share at stables

    Ooft! I think you could get a lot more value for your money elsewhere! I would take a total step back and remind him why he enjoyed it so much - get some low key lessons booked (at another riding centre), maybe a few hacks out into the countryside, or maybe even a few 'own a pony' days too. Your...
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    Choosing a feed? High protein, low starch

    Bailey's Ease & Excel is high protein but low carbs (sugar and starch), and it does wonders for our skinny high-energy super-pony. It comes in a mixed feed (no 21) or a nut type feed (no 24) and you can either feed it wet or dry. Definitely one to consider.
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    Male Issues

    A good ol' pair of apple-catcher briefs. Hoik it all up out of the way, or so my son tells me...
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    saddles in car

    Nothing wrong with rally drivers, goes without saying... ;):D
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    saddles in car

    Something like the Stubbs Saddle Mate shouldn't fall over as it's quite wide at the base. Unless you drive like a rally driver of course...
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    Grumbling abscess - how best to get it out?

    Great news! Fingers crossed that's the problem nipped in the bud and you can now move on. Did you get a discount due to the failed vetting? If so, I hope the million rolls of vet wrap haven't outweighed any monetary benefits!
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    Grumbling abscess - how best to get it out?

    How old is he? Any other signs of PPID? It might be worth getting the vet for a test and a trial of Prascend. One of our kids ponies had grumbling abscesses and a half Prascend a day has sorted them out. He was only 13 at the time with no other symptoms... The ACTH test was within limits and the...
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    Young horses

    Yeah, I was going to say look at local stud farms.
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    Young horses

    Why don't you put the colt out at youngstock livery, somewhere where he can be with others his own age. Then, when he's 3/4 and ready to work with, bring it home to be with your oldie. We have a rising 4 yr old out with 2 older horses at the moment and they get along just fine, but she did learn...