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    Horse trailer help please for large horses

    Yep, what she said. My big Irish idiot travels really well in our rear facing Equitrek trailer, in fact the ponies do too. Plenty of space, tows really nicely, and the wee tack room is such a luxury, I'd really struggle without it now! Definitely worth a try.
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    Unhappy Horse

    It may be that this is his 'normal' behaviour now that he's out with a herd and can interact in a more natural way. His calmness before may have been him being shut down, as often happens to horses when they are so stressed that they can't function properly. This move may be the making of him -...
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    How to stop losing gloves?

    When you take them off, stick them back to back with the velcro or poppers, so they go into the tack room as a fixed pair. Leave them on top of your hat to dry (or even velcro them together around your hat strap), and they'll be ready for your next ride.
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    Would you box out twice in a weekend?

    Yep, we box out for various reasons Fri/Sat/Sun most weekends (not always the same combination of horses/ponies mind you) so much so, the OH hitches the trailer up on a Fri and doesn't even ask if it needs unhitching until Sun eve! A hack one day and a comp the next is absolutely fine if you ask...
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    Dogs who arent allowed in the lounge

    Our dogs used to live in the outhouse and not ever come into the house. They were happy and healthy. You'd be surprised how many dogs live like this and aren't glued to their owners 24hrs a day.
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    Tell me not to!

    So, when's he/she arriving? 😉😜
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    Track or strip grazing?

    Yep, we put up a circular track last year and only let them have it a bit at a time. By the end of the summer they had the whole lot and it was manageable.
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    Dog training classes (gundog)

    The only benefit I can see in the longer group sessions is that the dog will have plenty of socialisation and interaction time - is this something that needs work? If not, I'd definitely go for the private 1-2-1 sessions.
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    Mystery stable poo spreader?

    Linseed. This happens to the poos from the 2 of mine that are fed extra linseed. The wee birds dig it over and spread it around looking for a tasty snack. Fine in the field, a pain in the bum in the stable!
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    Can't work out what is best with this mare

    What tack/saddle are you using? Has it been fitted professionally and checked recently? Either way, I'd pass on this one and get something more suitable.
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    Pictures She needs a name

    Call her Biscuit? ETA Surbie got there before me! Great minds think alike... 😜
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    Urgent advice needed

    The pain might not be coming from the spine, it may be ulcers secondary to and brought on by the back pain, or as others have said, it could be hormonal. Either way, he doesn't sound like he's 100% happy, and isn't behaving like a happy, calm, settled horse. Your vet should know how to spot...
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    Urgent advice needed

    He sounds like he's in pain and is running on adrenaline. It's not the way you'd want a retired horse to behave, and you have to think about his quality of life in the long-term. I'd be having a frank conversation with the vet if he doesn't settle soon. Good luck x
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    Considering new horse purchase (Irish Draught)

    Yes, you are mad for considering a young horse (there's a saying that you should never put green with green) but yes, absolutely IDs are fabulous and you should definitely get one! I am also a 5'11" lady in her *cough* forties who bought a green ID on a whim. She's a fabulous horse, so gentle...
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    BHS/PC membership options

    Quick question for the wonderful HHO hive mind... I have the BHS Gold membership, have done for years, and am intending to keep it (or a viable alternative) on in the long term. However, my kids are keen riders and are very active members of the local pony club. I know they get some sort of...