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    Hi Vis - Products with lights on?

    Heres a couple i got my friend to take as i wanted to know how reflective the tape was that i bought and stuck on everything. Taken with a rubbish camera. Unfortunately i hadnt put my lights on the sheet or breastplate yet other than the single red light at the back so dont have pictures with...
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    Hi Vis - Products with lights on?

    I used to hack through a housing estate to get onto a private off road track up to the moorlands and i made my own with ultra bright battery powered LED string lights, attached them with a couple of stitches to secure each light all the way round my sheet. The battery pack is small and i...
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    Shoppers! Can you help me find...

    Iv found you one but its in Australia at makennrugs2u seems a small company though so they may ship? ELITE COMBO $85 A fantastic ripstop 14oz poly/cotton combo that can be worn all year round. On summer days and nights or as an under rug in winter. This rug is extremely durable for paddock...
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    PSSM crew - Vitamin E

    Wonder whether a medicine syringe and bottle adapter might work for you? Rather than a different product entirely. I was just thinking along the lines of administering something like metacam where you just draw how many ml you need at a time out of the bottle entirely mess free (well until you...
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    Interesting, nose net? head shaking?

    I have an 'off and on' headnodder who also has nerve damage in his face and what started out as once every so often after he had yet another, bang to the head. It just got worse and after a lot of trying different things to try and work out why exactly, it turned out sunlight and...
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    Horses in the field

    Personally in your position, id be buying a couple of decent muzzles (may take a few to find the right one for the right horse) and start getting them used to them and eating through them now, rather than taking a risk with my horses legs through a fence like that. It doesnt take much to sever a...
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    Alternative to Jin stirrups...

    Iv just bought a pair of Acavallo Opera Stirrups and have found them amazing so far! :)
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    Whilst horse women aren't known for tidy.. how you remove hair?!

    I sometimes use a cat slicker brush to remove the worst, but mostly i just throw them in and hope i dont make the machine blow up! haha :D Im awful though and throw all sorts in the washer that i probably shouldnt! although some things do go in a pillow case if theres a certain person...
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    How much do you spend on feed per month?

    Probably going to regret adding this up but here goes! :D 15.2hh TB Stressy lad and drops weight in winter, intolerant to alfalfa and cereals and has to have low starch and sugars which makes it a little more pricey! per day split between two feeds: 1kg of Agrobs Muesli so 2 bags a month at...
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    How many supplements do you feed?

    I now feed Equimins Veteran Supp, Salt, tumeric and Linseed. When the Veteran supp runs out im going to switch him onto Advance complete as i like the specs more. I used to feed a joint supplement but didnt notice any difference what so ever so tried tumeric on the off chance and he moves much...
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    Bit chomping

    you could try a hanging cheek as its more stable in the mouth, My mare used to go nicely in a ported mullen mouth hanging cheek. You may have to play about a bit to see if it makes a difference, maybe borrow a couple of different types if you can to save spending and then the horse not getting...
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    pony screaming and stomping

    I know im in for some entertainment when he sees a new horse and does the 'dragon snort' haha! And yet he is so good with other horses, can put him in or next to anything and he never kicks or bites unless of course hes cornered or its in play.
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    pony screaming and stomping

    totally normal iv found, some horses do it, others just blow and show off, a new horse is very exciting! Darcy, my boy, goes through it all, he blows with neck arched looking rather proud, then he squeals and strikes out, sometimes more than once then he will take off round the field like a...
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    pony screaming and stomping

    Its just a greeting usually between horses meeting for the first time until they get to know each other. My boy does it and it usually lasts four to five days then he doesnt bother even greeting the new one xD Edited to add that the reaction isnt what id call aggressive at all, its not...
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    Bit chomping

    Wolf teeth? Have you had his teeth checked? or it could just be that hes bored and playing while stood still?