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    Lunge Pen advice

    Hi. I have a round pen/arena. Mine is 20 metres diameter and plenty big enough to lunge. Its large enough to ride in as well. I'm not sure about putting a surface directly on to concrete, I would be concerned about it being unstable underfoot.But having said that, if your surface was deep enough...
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    Best way to keep vicious dog out of field that is attacking the

    I would shoot the dog as then I would be preventing injury to my horses. I would then deal with the consequences regarding classification of 'Livestock' and necessity of protecting my animals.
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    Meet Flossie the......

    She is lovely. I have a Ford 4000 😊
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    Fibre cement board for stable roof?

    My stables and husbands barn have this. It was built using reclaimed materials and so mine are on their second roof. Yes a few were cracked, but with careful positioning it has been fine (with the odd leak to resolve). Our budget was tiny so in was a question of cheapest long lasting option. If...
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    At what age!? ...... Musing......

    Crikey, this post could have easily been written by me! I'm a couple of years older, but this year particularly the winter chores and maintenance seem to be much harder. I read your post to my OH and he commented that your dad is likely to be around 70 and so perhaps he is finding it hard...
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    Who has a round pen?

    We constructed a 20 metre round pen last spring. Used Doulting stone for base layer, then road plannings. The surface is reclaimed sand/rubber/soft plastic wire coating mix (not sure what it's called). I chose not to use a membrane. I use it for liberty, lunging, riding and occasional turnout...
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    Best cheap turnout

    Another vote for Axiom.
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    Beaches I can ride on - Somerset

    Brean beach. Parking is good (fee payable)
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    Has anyone else been riding on stubble? Pics & pony matchy!!

    Lovely pics. Kings is stunning (and very bendy!)
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    Heather Moffett Saddle Delivery time

    Totally agree. Regardless of personal situation the customer has paid for goods and not received either the goods or an explanation. The OP has implied that she is sympathetic to the personal circumstances, she is only seeking reassurance that all will be well.
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    How can I stop a horse in a parelli bridle trying to eat grass

    A Parelli bridle is made from leather and is used with a bit. I think you might be using the rope halter.
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    Horsey holiday recommendations near a beach This place in Brean Somerset is fantastic. I went there a few years ago. Beautifully presented human accommodation, stabling and direct access to the beach.
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    Wow saddles

    'Expands' when wet ! :)
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    Request to users of Charnwood Mill Brewers Yeast

    When I first introduced it to my horses diet I strarted with a small amount and gradually increased it to the required amount. Mine weren't that keen to begin with but now eat it fine.
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    Physio (human) recommendations

    Fiona Phillips (Downhead Cranmore) Can highly recommend.