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    16hh-17hh wanted on full loan / lwvtb

    As above ^. I would appreciate any info from anyone who may be able to help, as I have been conducting a fruitless search for a few months. Please PM me for an extensive description of my experience / private premises in South Bucks and regarding the type of horse that I am looking for...
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    DIY livery anywhere around M40 Uxbridge/ hays/iver

    In Hayes: Abbeyfields Lowdum Lodge Goulds Green Iver: White Lodge and 1 right at the bottom of slough road Bangors Park Farm and on Preloved there was an advert from a private establishment advertising vacancies on their private yard in Iver. Hope this helps!!
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    Hay supplier South Bucks / Middx wanted

    I am looking for a hay supplier in South Bucks / Middx. Ideally a supplier that is able to cater small orders. Many thanks
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    Causes of horse becoming tucked up????

    Yes of course, as would I, one must proceed with extreme caution and be vigilant when it comes to a horses well being. I was using that statement simply as an example as to what I have witnessed in a situation that did not pertain to my own horses. That particular horse was not suffering from...
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    Causes of horse becoming tucked up????

    Thanks for the reply. I had the same views. I also read that it could be from dehydration and even early signs mild colic.
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    Causes of horse becoming tucked up????

    Hi all, I am subitting a post in the hopes that some well learned people can impart their knowledge on causes of a horse becoming"tucked up". People have various answers and theories and I would appreciate hearing your views on this subject matter please. I have personally seen the horse...
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    Help. Retirement Home needed for my gentle giant in Surrey.

    Hi WendyLegend, I also saw this advert, it is not a commercial business, it is a private establishment. Please find the advert link below:
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    Saddlery Superstore Uxbridge

    Hi Epona I started my riding lessons there about 15 years ago, I enjoyed it immensely. I used to purchase items from the shop many years ago, I no longer do, as I think that the tack shop is over priced. I do however purchase feed from them, which is standard price, though hay is now £7.50 lol...
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    Livery Yards in Uxbrdige London

    Hi ya, If you are still looking, it might be worth a try to extend the search ever so slightly to Iver or Hayes
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    Help. Retirement Home needed for my gentle giant in Surrey.

    Hiya, I am not sure what part of Surrey you require the stables to be located, however I did view an advert for resting / retired horses only in Surrey. It is on Please find below the link that is attached with the advert:
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    Menage wanted: Denham, South Bucks

    I am currently in the process of looking for a ménage to use in Denham or Chalfont St Peter, South Bucks, but to no avail, for the sole purpose of schooling my horse, days, times and frequency all to suit the proprietor. If anyone knows of a commercial or private establishment that would be...