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    treeless people

    I have a dreamteam treeless saddle and love it. Won't ride in a conventional tree'd saddle anymore
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    When a horse dies...

    Mine have been individually cremated and then come back to me. The thought of someone eating them makes me feel ill
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    Foster Mare Needed Urgently

    Does anyone know of a mare who has lost her foal. My friend has a foal that needs a foster mum urgently
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    cut not healing what to do now?

    Get some well horse spray. Its amazing stuff.
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    Are sarcoids catching to other horses

    ok I will have a word with the owner again and try and persuade her to get the vet out. I feel so sorry for the pony as it looks horrible
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    Are sarcoids catching to other horses

    A lady at my yard has a pony that has a massive sarcoid near its mouth. Its now big and red where it keeps rubbing it and where the bit sits. Infact it keeps bleeding. She is using thuja cream and tablets but I am worried that it grooms my horses and don't want it spreading to them. Any...
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    Its not pointless and I know how you feel. Not long after having my old boy I noticed something wrong with his eye and it turned out it was a squamus cell carcenoma. He went of upto liverpool and derek knottenbelt operated and all is well. That was 13 years ago.
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    Sad day - goodnight my princess, goodnight my thomas

    Thinking of you today xxxxxx
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    Urgent ragwort advice needed Please!

    go on the defra website and fill in the form and report it.
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    advice needed - lame mare

    My shire has had a reoccuring abcess for a long time. I have now used something called well horse and their thrush off and its gone. He has now been out in the field since december with just the hole packed with cotton wool. Its fantastic stuff
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    I had to put rat poison down the other week. Had rats in the muck heap and under my stables. Don't seem to be around anymore and have found a few dead ones so hopefully they all gone. I hate the things
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    Global Herbs - Scratch Plus

    I used to use it until our boy went on a trial for a new product. This is so much better and we had a great year with him without a flyrug on Its called think itch
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    Wont eat hard feed, only hay???

    my old shire won't eat his chaff, just picks out the fibre nuts. I have added some readi grass instead of chaff and he is now eating again. He is also eating his hay
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    Anyone else in the country notice more fly tipping ?

    I've had someone throw a 3 seater settee and chair over the fence of my yard.
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    Please vote

    Please vote for my old boy thanks