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    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    Hestavard Exugus is a really good supplement for gastric support but you do need to get it through your vet but highly rated
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    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    You are looking at about £800 -£900 for a course of 4 injections given weekly, it seems to have better results than oral medication and is easier as doesn't need to be given on an empty stomach like alot of the oral stuff. Generally best given in the rump as lots react to them in the neck so...
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    Best helmet in 2022 for round head shape?

    I've a fairly round head and always wear Champion skull caps. I went to one of the large showd with numerous stands and tried SO many different brands but still ended up with a champion hat
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    Chances of colic after scoping

    I work at a vets and we scope quite a few horses and very very few colic after them
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    Tweed show jacket help!

    I have a lovely tweed by Tagg have used it for autum hunting and doing 2nd horses and it's always been complimented on how smart it is
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    Strangles without symptoms

    It's actually fairly common for bloods to come back high but then the actual pouch wash to come back negative. This is because the blood test is testing for anti bodies so if the horses has been in contact or near an infected horse the result will likely be high, but each horse is an individual...
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    Knowall novices

    I I don't see it as grovelling, just a polite way of telling them to keep there unwanted opinions to themselves. 🤷‍♀️. OP I hope you have managed to resolve the situation and can enjoy your horse/ yard time as intended.
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    Knowall novices

    ⁷ I don't see it as grovelling just a polite way of saying to the livery that their advice is not wanted. 🤷‍♀️each to their own though
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    Knowall novices

    I'm not really sure where in my response I'm grovelling? Just I don't particularly enjoy an atmosphere on a yard as I want to enjoy my horse. If I don't really like someone I'll still say good morning etc purely to be pleasant and not create an atmosphere for others.
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    Knowall novices

    I think if it was me I'd apologise for how I dealt with the situation, maybe explain you were trying to get good videos for the vet. Then mention that horse is on rehab etc and currently under guidance from professionals and you'd rather just stay with their (the professionals) advice for...
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    Ulcer supplement

    Take a look at Have heard a lot of good stories about it and no it is well supported/thought of by vets
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    Non rubbing saddle cloths / Le Mieux starting to rub

    I'm another who likes Numed, though at this time of year with coats changing some are horse will rub/loose hair no matter what saddke cloth you try. Good luck hope you find something that works
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    Rhinegold Boots

    I had a pair of the luxus long boots and for the price they were brilliant. Comfortable from day one and lasted me 3 years of hard work -a hunt groom riding upto 4 lots a day - they also polished up fabulous so used them for shows as well
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    Advice on the warmest hunt coats

    I have a medium weight caldene? I think it has cuffs and a storm flap and the skirt is leather linned. I then wear plenty of thin thermals underneath and I have a thermatex waits coat that goes under as well, this has been a godsend. Definitely recommend getting one
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    Stock? Tie? Competition help!

    The shirt would suit a stick but not a tie as not the correct collar. If I compete my turn out is generally the same I have beige breeches a tweed jacket and generally a stock shirt and stock with black boots I wear this both jumping and dressage. I do have a collared shirt so I can wear a tie...