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    Skin problem with elderly Westie... help/advice please

    We have westies and one has skin problems,probably not as bad as you have desbribed. The vet told us to try bathing in hibbiscrub regulary and it has really helped
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    What to buy my wife ?

    Can i just have a husband please!!!!:D
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    Fake on this earth do they manage with them....i cant use them,or keep them on my nails when im at the hunt ball!!!
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    What should I do?

    He isnt advertised for alot of money....take a gamble. Another way to look at it is,he is advertised for not alot more than meat money
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    curly coated westies

    Sounds just like my westie........when it goes up the cow yard and rubs on the tractor wheels!!!
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    Lack of pottasium.......i stand to be corrected
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    Gutted!!! (sorry, its a long one!)

    I am not saying if this is right or wrong,or if it will work,so dont shot me down...... Put the dog in a pen with a ewe and lamb.
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    Any side-saddle ladies?

    How i wish i was a size 8!
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    Hunt Coats

    Calcutts are very good.
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    Which saddle has.....?

    A black horse that looks like it is trotting on the studs? Probably a real long shot.
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    Suggestions,or ideas please.

    There isnt any physio as my foot and ankle is paralysed,hence why fusing. Feels like i will never ride properly again.
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    Recommend me a riding boot please

    Ive got mountain horse long brown boots.I have heard reports of the zips going.Touch wood,i have had mine for 3 years now,but i do only use them for hunting. How about a short boot and gaitors?
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    Suggestions,or ideas please.

    3 1/2 months ago i had my ankle fused, 2 weeks ago i came out of cast,a week and a half ago i started back riding. The problem i have is where my ankle is fused at a right angle,my riding feels very unbalanced and un stable.I cant put my weight down into my heal,and feel like im gripping...
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    Red ribbon needed?

    I red ribbon my sons horse out hunting. We have had him nearly 2 years and he has kicked out twice.Each time same horse and rider.Said horse 17hh,and rider very loud ,as deaf! Some one asked why i had red taped him,so i explained,and they told me i was admitting liability,not taking...