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    Hillside Sanctuary takes on ponies rescued from another rescue

    Just seen this on Facebook These poor ponies were rescued from one rescue and have now had to be rescued from the rescue who rescued them. Look at the letter at the bottom :( Be careful who you loan...
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    Fetish or abuse....sickening!!! warning - disturbing images

    Surely if there are photos of her abusing children on her profile she can be reported to FB and they should notify the authorities? I know that they don't act on animal abuse but surely they should act on child abuse?
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    Fetish or abuse....sickening!!! warning - disturbing images

    Nasty, horrible, sick, evil woman :(
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    Whats people's thoughts of the Monty Roberts methods then

    I apologise, it probably was a bit mean but I only found this thread because of the rather mean post from Kelly Marks on the IHDG. I don't know Tess, although I've seen her on various forums, but Ms Marks was obviously having a dig at her which is why I made the comment. Glass houses and...
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    Whats people's thoughts of the Monty Roberts methods then

    I'm afraid that you've lost me now. I don't mean that you've lost me in that I don't understand but that you've lost any credibility with me now and I was reading your comments with interest as you're obviously well acquainted with Monty's methods. How can something which is similar to a...
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    Whats people's thoughts of the Monty Roberts methods then

    Do you think that they are deliberately not answering or aren't answering because they don't actually know themselves? The impression that I've got is that they believe in the Monty method but actually don't understand how it works, why it works or the ACTUAL effect that it has on the horse.
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    Whats people's thoughts of the Monty Roberts methods then

    I hate the Dually halter. I've got one and I've used it and it doesn't whisper anything, it's another example of Minty's deception. That 'schooling ring' is harsh and could cause a lot of pain. It whispers nothing apart from comply or else. I'd actually rather use a rope halter which I've...
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    Whats people's thoughts of the Monty Roberts methods then

    Thank you Tess and all, you've explained something that's been niggling at me for a while. I started out with Parelli but found it too harsh so moved onto IH. I have to say that it worked but there was something that I couldn't put my finger on, it still seemed to be all about dominance...
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    Gal used rollkur and now Rath. I don't care that they're winning, it's abusive and it's cruel. As for it being a snapshot (quite a few snapshots with the same 'outline') he's using force in every single snapshot, hauling on the reins, including the curb and Totilas' head is yanked into his...
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    Saddle for hard to fit cob

    ^ The Heather Moffett FlexEEs look very good or her soft treed range which are more expensive but very nice.
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    Proper answer to the barefoot trimming post

    1. Farriers take 4 years to learn how to SHOE a horse and do the metalwork. They do not do 4 years learning how to trim. 2. The barefoot trimming diploma is a 2 year course. 3. Because properly trained barefoot trimmers do a better job than some farriers. My farrier couldn't keep mine...
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    Feeding Magnesium

    I bought that one and wasn't amused. Technically it's MagOx but it's actually what we would call CalMg so way over priced for what they're selling. CalMag is grittier and not something that I would use in the long term as it can cause irritation. I buy my MagOx from Taycrest but you can get...
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    Shod v barefoot

    Five horses, all unshod. Two are TBs with 'typical' TB feet, had to use boots for those but they're fine now. You do have to address the diet as issues show up barefoot when they're masked by shoes but then we all should be looking at their diets shod or not. The majority of horses can go...
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    One of my geldings had a crack that ran the whole length of the hoof. 18 months barefoot and the crack has gone and his feet look much better than they ever did. He's still a bit unsure being ridden on stones paths but will go over them happily without a rider. He's a chunky TB. If you're...
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    Keeping weight on?

    Unmollassed forage and unmollassed sugar beet are the best. Hard feed is for energy and Pasture Mix is like rocket fuel. I know plenty of cases where horses lost weight on hard feed but put weight on with forage. Pure feeds is very good for maintaining weight and condition. If you still need...