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    Horse is trying to kill me..

    PurBee's post reminded me that my mare got stroppy about being brushed at one point and I worked out it was the brush !! Too stiff for her TB coat, or it became too stiff over time (think it was probably my lack of cleaning it, I am a skanky person :)) Changed the brush and back to being the...
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    Hello from me

    My Dad also died from this horrible disease, it's brutal I'm so sorry for Mongoose11. But lovely to see you back.
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    Hello from me

    Signed, and ditto you have been missed
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    What about the concentration in that moustache ?
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    Another ‘ name needed’ post

    What about Dougal (as in Father Ted's Dougal), probably spelt differently in Ireland?
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    I know it’s early days but having no horse is killing me!

    I lost mine over a year ago and to be honest if I could have another I would have by now. But my circumstances have changed, I no longer have a job so I'm horseless for now, just ride a students' who is away at uni. It does hurt (a lot) but I've just got used to the new life. But in your shoes I...
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    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - The Hat Silk Saga!

    That's the trouble, once you start :)
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    Prince update!

    You've obv been taught well :) Looking forward to them.
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    What a star LOVE HIM trotting over those raised poles !! Clever boy
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    HHO's "Bear" project pony...

    Love them both and you've done a fabulous job of getting them both ready to go :) Here's to many more anniversaries and I hope your sharer knows how many of us are green with envy !! (All the very best though)
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    Welcome, Hermosa

    Long shot but might it be an idea to try your older mare's field - a corner separated off with electric fence ? If she and your older mare could work it out (and you will never know till you try) that could be a game changer for the whole thing ? Don't lose heart, you've made a good choice and...
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    Welcome, Hermosa

    Just to say how sorry I am that her new "home" doesn't seem very open to her needs, not what you were expecting at all :( Horrified to hear their response to be honest, I bet they were feeling defensive because of the situation but it never helps.
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    steroid hock injections led to laminitis, now diagnosed with EMS, help & advice please

    Really sorry for both you and your poor horse. Metformin really helped my poor mare when she developed EMS, does work by shifting the weight. Best of luck with it, really is awful seeing them in such pain. Edited to echo what others have said, bear in mind that from now on you will have to...
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    Lovely video thanks for sharing, love him and your way of training :)
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    What is a 'normal' age to lose a horse?

    OK this is the last one, I'll stop banging on about this now :) I have broken the breeds down by cause of death.