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    Joint v Joint/Muscle supplements

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    Joint v Joint/Muscle supplements

    Hi, Anyone got any experiences / opinions regarding joint supplements, versus joint and muscle supplements such as the carl hester or balanced horse feeds ones? Ta
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    Does anyone have any experience of Williams & Williams surfaces for schools?
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    Sara-Jane Lanning contact details

    Hi, Can anyone PM me her contact details for a lesson please. Thanks,
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    Myler bits

    Ok thanks for comments. It was the MB04 I was looking at:) Think i'll give it a try as can have it on a trial
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    Myler bits

    Do they really help with horses with big tongues and small mouths? Any other bits worth looking at?
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    Vet recommendation Hampshire

    Hmmm, not a huge lover of Liphook, however, which call out vet are you thinking of? PM me if you'd prefer
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    Vet recommendation Hampshire

    Someone who is hot on lameness / way of going, preferably someone who deals with sports / performance horses, can anyone recommend?
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    joint supplements

    What are people's experiences with joint supplement for dogs? In the horse world I can't fault cosequin, which I notice they do for dogs too. Is it as good for dogs? Can anyone suggest any others from their experiences?
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    Liver Damage/ Failure

    It's often unknown why horses suffer with liver disease. It often starts as an infection, unlike humans the horse doesn't have a gall bladder, so bacteria is generally free to transfer from the stomach to the liver quite freely. Often liver infections / disease go unnoticed in horses for quite...
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    miracle hair regrowth cream?????????

    Megatek is very good stuff, do a search for tailgator's website and you'll find it on there. It's not as quick as 4" in a few days, but it does speed up the hair growth and what hair you get through is much thicker and better quality. I used it diluted on my horses main this winter just...
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    Farriers Formula V Formula 4 feet

    Yes thanks TeddyT I am aware of this. I am happy with his diet and also plan to only use the supplement for 3-4 months as advised by the vet by which time I will know whether it's helping or whether genetically it won't make any difference. I did like the look of F4F but was concerned with...
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    Farriers Formula V Formula 4 feet

    Someone also mentioned NAF hoof and hide, although I can't find it on their website, but notice they do a pro-feet supplement. Does anyone know if this has replaced the hoof and hide?
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    Farriers Formula V Formula 4 feet

    Thanks for your responses. Is the F4F a balancer instead of feed or a supplement like farriers formula?