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    Shameless new ex racer post!

    He's lovely! Keep us updated
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    Eek, I’m OMG and excited!!

    How exciting!! My gosh she is stunning!! she is going to be very special! How's Turnip?
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    Livery Yards East Sussex

    Try Cindy Llewellyn in Heathfield - 5* care - downgate farm or Lisa Pilbean in Stonegate
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    Livery Yards East Sussex

    What sort of livery are you looking for? - I know a good full livery yard in stone gate Or there are a couple round Heathfield if that's not too far
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    Insurance Emporium

    I've been very impressed by them, other quotes were ridiculous. They paid out on a claim with no quibbles but as said before they won't pre authorise things, which can be nerve racking. The 17% of vet bills which have been added to new policies would make me a little nervous potentially
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    Pictures A Mimosa update

    She looks soo fab!! How exciting - keep us updated on your trips out
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    Equished - internal stables

    Evening, I have had a couple of different quotes though for internal stables; monarch, Loddon, stables online. I have now had a quote through from Equished. Has any one heard of them? Are they reputable? Any thoughts appreciated - feel free to PM if more appropriate
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    Remaining (in person) horse sales in Britain

    I'd be interested if Kivells are still running sales, I've just had a look to see if there were any dates up but couldn't see any, maybe its too early in the year?
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    Voltaire saddles

    From what I have seen, after are sales is very poor (though they are very good at selling) You can also find lots of year or 2 year old saddles on the 2nd hand market which I think is very telling. As others have said I think they supply pros well
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    Collegiate Comfitec training bridle

    I had one and really liked it, so did the horse! Lovely quality. The only thing I did find is when I had it on the warmblood the noseband section on top of the nose would sometimes move down, this didn't happen on the TB
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    As it looks like he's staying

    He is really lovely! How exciting! Please keep us updated to his progress. Very nice breeding too
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    Shod to barefoot photos

    This is so interesting! Will be lovely to follow his progress, I really want to learn more about barefoot transitioning
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    Piggy TV

    No help I'm afraid but intrigued. For £25 a month I would want to have an introduction to know what the content was like. Agree I do like Piggy
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    Ludger Beerbaum rapping/poling/'touching'

    Unfortunately I think it is much more common than would be thought. Based on what I've seen and heard from people in the showjumping world. Rapping is just the tip of the iceberg there are a range of different barbaric devices used to make the horse make a better shape/ jump cleaner/ scope ect...
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    Indoor yard hoovers?

    KG-770.aspx This is what I have used at a yard before but I do think that the blowers are more effective ( a but noisier depending on type of blower)