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    My next equine project horse

    10 years!! I had been a lurker for a very long time and clearly remember the start of the thread. Crazy how time passes. He looks so fab
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    In at the deep end... Lottie goes to camp!

    How fab! She looks great and such a fab attitude! She makes me feel a bit braver about buying unseen from Ireland
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    Oops, spur of the moment DD purchase…

    Wow he's fab! Please update the photos when he's home
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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    This is fab news - how exciting!! I hope there are lots of pictures when she comes home
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    Fly rugs that don’t rub?

    I think it really depends on build of the horse, as some shapes do not fit certain horses. I have had success with both the shires sweet itch hoodie and the Rambo fly rug
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    Pictures Filly is here!

    Wow she is sooo gorgeous! Her head must be tiny!!
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    A Summer of Scarlett

    Fantastic news!! So happy for you
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    Insurance emporium

    That's good to hear! Thanks very much
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    Insurance emporium

    Evening, I think I possibly know the answer to this question but .......... I know the company is underwritten by E&L which is not ideal. Normal I do not insure but with a new loan horse I need to insure him. I have looked at a few different options but a couple of insurers would require a...
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    Pictures Eight months with Maddie.....

    Really lovely update! She looks fab and much stronger than the 1st pictures you put up when you got her- you are clearly doing a brilliant job
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    Composite stirrup vs flex on stirrups

    I love Flex-ons, I didn't think that a stirrup would have that much impact, they are so comfy and really help my leg position. I don't have any experience of the Composti Reflex
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    Thanks all, I did not know that it was so high in iron! Glad to have HH
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    Evening, If you feed spirulina, where do you get yours from? There seem to be 100s of different sources, it also seems as though if it is marketed for horses then it costs a lot more versus human marketed ones, does this make a difference? Thanks
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    I love Riggers updates! Very happy for you both that he is feeling better
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    Vets South Wales- for vetting?

    Brilliant thanks, I've spoken to them all. Dyffryn will not go as far as Bridgend. So will be either Cotts or B&W