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    Symphony, Solo and Serenade

    Yes, 3 ponies and Shannon. In fact, they feature in 4 books by Diana Pullein-Thompson:
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    Bit of reassurance needed please!

    Why don't you call them and ask if you're worried? It might be that it would be better to have him in a v. small fenced off area instead of a stable.
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    laura shears

    fab thanks!
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    laura shears

    Is the timetable online?
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    Ashfields 2DE report.

    Well done Rara! Sounds like you did great!
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    Advice please... I cannot canter!

    I would definitely agree with trying to relax - I have had this problem myself! The more tense you get the less balanced and forward thinking the horse will be. It sounds like this horse takes advantage of that to run on instead of changing pace. Would also agree with a lunge lesson or perhaps...
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    Pullein-Thompson book - bit of a long shot

    I can highly recommend this site for info about pony books and buying them second hand: I'm not connected to her honest!
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    Livery in Warwickshire?

    Wood farm in Ufton?
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    riding whilst pregnant

    The guidelines say that there is no particular reason to stop, except that your centre of gravity changes from about 5/6 months gone and you may feel less secure in the saddle. i am 13 weeks and still riding 3 times a week. I have given up jumping and hacking alone, but still do schooling and...
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    Oh, how quickly they forget

    Ziggy has some really good ideas there. I would also say, if she is specifically becoming attached to the YO's horse, could they be put in different fields? I would try and avoid pair separation anxiety if possible.
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    Is £20 too much??

    We are in south warks and pay £28 for that. So no.
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    Another what do you think?

    I like Bonnie, and would consider the last one. Don't really like the black mare, and can't really tell anything about the welsh one from the photos.
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    This Pony has a white face....

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    Competition name help

    I like Sanctity. I also like Dignity as a name.
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    Update on impossible canter lead!

    that's good news - well done! I have found in the past few weeks that my horse (who avoids right canter) is much more reliable when asked from a really strong bouncy trot - maybe that is similar to your situation (e.g. he is more forward when jumping)