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    I just don't think she's going to grow :(

    I wouldn't give up hope just yet. She doesn't look in proportion to me, she looks a bit bum high and that is usually a sign that the front end is going to catch up. They don't grow evenly, they grow in spurts. So I think there is every reason to be hopeful
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    Help!!! Big dilemma with my horse :( :( :(

    I feel sure it will be down to the girth gall and that he'll improve as soon as that has healed completely. Try not to worry.
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    Drainage off the yard

    No, they are very picky about drains going into the ditches, or dykes as we call them in Lincs!! We had to site the soak away well away from the dykes. Make sure your soakaway is big enough. Our builder dug a huge hole, long and deep (with his digger) and it was part filled with rubble before...
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    Drainage off the yard

    We have a soakaway and it works well except when the rain is relentless, then there can be a back up in the drains.
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    People who keep their horses at home - what would you do?

    I prepare the stables with haynets in the morning. OH then opens the gate to the stable yard and the ponies take themselves to bed. He closes the doors after them No probs
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    how to give my notice to YO.

    For goodness sake tell her asap!! For every day you bottle it you'll have to pay another day's livery. I think you will owe her a month's notice, so if you tell her now you'll only need to pay an extra two weeks.
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    WWYD - Denial or reality?

    I'd bring her back into work slowly and enjoy whatever time you have left. I'd certainly put more weight on the horse in front of me than on blood tests. Remember though, that liver disease has a way of creeping up slowly, you might find that she suddenly starts falling over. If that happens...
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    Can horses be kept alone?

    I'd think twice before leaving the security of the yard where instruction and help are on hand. Ignore the silly girls and their unhelpful comments. If, when you have more experience,you do decide to leave would get small companion such as a mini shet to keep your girl company No horse should...
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    How decent horses get ruined + novice owners frigthen themselves

    Sadly you don't know what you don't know until you know a little!!! And until you know a little you don't know enough about what you don't know to realise you don't know it.
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    Parcelforce 48 hr service: please can I rant??

    You have my sympathy. Some years back I sent some precious frozen semen (canine and fragile) from London to Vancouver. We used FedEx. It was supposed to fly direct so you can imagine my alarm when I checked it on the tracking system and found it was in Nigeria. Yes, Nigeria. It did arrive at its...
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    showing dispare!! cant be bothered any more.

    You just have to remember that sometimes the judging says a lot more about the judge than it does about the exhibits!
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    Feeling crappy, hard to title post WWYD?

    It sounds as though you are in a very tough place and I'm sorry. I think you are stretched too far and something has to give, maybe getting another sharer for your horse or even letting her go on loan would be part of the solution. Fertility treatment is no walk in the park and you might find...
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    Advise needed, vet just told me my horse has cancer :(

    Your are obviously a caring owner and he is obviously a very lucky horse. I'd be inclined to take your vet's advice and steer clear of invasive treatments that might cause your old boy a lot of distress and which might not, in the long term, have many benefits. Let him enjoy whatever time he...
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    Rat infestation

    I'd be terrified. Rat poison does work but it can be toxic to the dogs if they eat A LOT of dead bodies (which I doubt they'd do, they are more interested in killing than in eating). Antidote to poisoned dog would be an injection of Vitamin K. You can buy special 'rat bait' boxes that allow...
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    Advice please nervous rider :)

    Good luck with your new horse, it sounds as though you've done everything possible to ensure everything will go well. Just an idea though, would it be possible to keep the horse at livery, maybe where you instructor works? You would then probably have the use of a school, which would be a...