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    Furminator shedding tools?

    i got a lincoln one are a good price
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    electric fencing

    I've just taken a lease out on 9 acres of grazing split into 6 fields but not one of them is secure no real fencing as such just crumbling hedges. So im going to secure a field at a time until its all fenced. It will be for 2 13.2hh,which at present are kept at 2 different yards so its going to...
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    Best place to buy Haas brushes

    horze tend to do offers every sunday, i got 25% off when i bought mine. usually if new account you get 10% off
  4. J - too cheap to be true???

    its E and L under another name, barge pole springs to mind
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    Premier Equine rugs

    i would spend the extra and buy a rambo, ive seen loads of bad review about pe rugs leaking
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    Riding with a stomach full of haylage?

    odd rule about not being able to stable them.out of interest do you still have to pay for the stable you arent allowed too use? could you not just bring in for an hour before you ride?
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    Swapped one lame horse for another!

    how old is he? could it be stiffness due to age, if it is could it be worth trying him on cortaflex or something like that
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    Loaning and vets bills

    standard contract for loaning. Best way to go about it is to insurance pony then you are fully covered
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    New rug is hairy!

    premier equine?
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    5'8 and I'd like a NF Pony - Unrealistic? Other Suggestions?

    really look into what lines breed the bigger ponies, i bought my nf at 6 months to make 14 hh plus. She is only just 13 hh but is very stocky so takes up your legs and would have no problem carrying 12 stone. They are really good ponies to have as allrounder, mine has one hell of a jump on her...
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    Do stable coughs cure themselves

    ventalite by winergy is really good, i found it just as good as ventapolin from the vets but half the price
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    HELP!! my horse will not settle at new yard!

    was she at the last year a long time? i moved my pony in june from where she was for 5 years and she totally changed. to the point she was dangerous to handle. ive now moved her back and she is totally fine again thankfully lol
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    URGENT. Transmit?

    yes your horse can catch it but as soon as you start treating it there is very little risk of that happening. We keep guinea pig that are really prone to it and my daughter has caught it off them a few times, as she is the main one to handle them. It is simple to treat with an cansten or the same
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    How much could I expect to pay?

    I know of a few different people that do the same for £10 to £15 a day
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    Reasonably Priced Show Outfit [shopping help!]

    put a wanted ad on facebook page that are local to you. also have a look on page like bsja, showing gear, pampered horses skint owners usually have stuff for sale on, will also give you idea of prices