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    Dressage Saddle

    Thank you for the suggestions, it's quite frustrating. Only moved back to Scotland 8 wks ago and she's out of the wintec x wide. She's a friesian just give you an idea, working with a terrible cheap treeless that I only use for young ones to get use to saddles and dont normally sit on. So quite...
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    Dressage Saddle

    Does anyone have an idea of saddler/tack shops that might sell second hand for the larger horse. Every where I look only seem to hold up to wide. She is only a youngster so am not wanting to fork out thousands just now.
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    Dressage Saddle

    Searching for a cheaper second hand for an x x wide no wither 16hh mare. Anyone have ideas on where to look. Thanks in advance.
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    Searching Hay/Haylage (Taunton)

    Thank you for response, sadly £5.00 too expensive for the amount I go through a day if its small bales.
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    Searching Hay/Haylage (Taunton)

    Does anyone have any for sale in taunton/wellington area, can uplift small bales but would need big bales delivered. Thank you in advance.
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    Barefoot Trimmer

    Hi thank you for your response, I have managed to get contact with the AANHCP in the area, recommended highly.
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    Barefoot Trimmer

    I am moving up to Inverness in a couple of months and my horses have been trimmed by a barefoot trimmer for some time, can anyone recommend a good barefoot trimmer to continue with my horses, and an idea of trim price. Thankyou in advance.
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    Recommendations for part livery in or around Exeter

    Upton Pyne near Crediton, spent a few months there with my girls a couple of years ago An excellent place to keep your horse. And not too far to commute. Nice stable with drinkers, horse walker, horse washing facility, and huge all weather surface that has lights. Lovely people aswell. A...
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    What are yards like Inverness way?

    Hi, I have finally taken the decision to move back July-August time from the south west and am looking just now for accommodation for 2. Also looking at transport costs just now, been told Gavin Jamieson Transport is very good. I will be based in Inverness, (keeping fingers and toes crossed...
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    anyone imported a horse from spain and had trouble with their feet?

    Lived in france for 7 years and bought a iberian gelding from Portugal, at the time I used an english farrier, 'big mistake' when he got hold of him he tried lowering the heels etc of his fronts as he said he was too up right, my boy suffered severe lameness for over 6 months, changed to french...
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    How are your fields looking?

    Hold on to your rain hats in the south west its coming again! 12 hrs worth of constant I would say at the moment. My paddocks are trashed! no grass and the ground is so soaked when you do get a deluge you splash around in it in the grazing areas, last weeks was at least an inch in depth on top...
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    If horses arent stolen then why do the police come across horses in the carparks at ferry teminals on occasions, left wandering especially on a day when passports and microchips are being checked. I have had chats with crime preventions/police officers that have come across this on occasions...
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    I found a plait in one of my mares last week, its wasnt due to heading shaking/ wind or anything of the like, it was 3 definate sections plaited together of a very thin stip of mane, not really noticable at a glance. This is a way of marking a horse, they also cut sections of tail to mark if...
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    I have a mare that had major surgery nearly 3 years ago due to an infection that went up into her pedal bone area, I wont go into the woes of it all but I have had a really bad time with it! She also had laminitis many years ago and had a large white line area never corrected by trimming. So...
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    Retained Placentas

    Holly 831 Last year I had to pick up placenta that was over 24 hours old when it finally dropped, it was disgusting! It fell apart in my hands (gloved of course) it was rotting quite badly, I cant desribe the smell! my heart went out to my mare for having to deal with this stuck inside her...