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    Success stories with Biotin

    My cob is barefoot and was fed TopSpec when he came over from Ireland quite weedy and I thought he'd never make a show cob. His feet however have always been excellent. He is now a maxi! lol Last Spring having had to change farrier due to lockdown however, he had a bit of an overzealous trim and...
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    Knee boots

    I always used the Woof Knee/Brushing boots, nothing to slip down & you can canter in them. Win win! Never found a neoprene set of ordinary knee boots that didn't slip. Rugging and leather ones were ok though.
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    Yet another BF balancers thread

    The only way (well, from my experience anyway) is to literally add less than a tenth of a dose (of the Equimins pellets) the first day, hidden in whatever yummy food they like, if they eat that increase to 1/5 of a dose the next day and so on. My cob was fine with the Equimins powder but wasn't...
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    Dressage WANTED: Jockey to back a 4 YO Warmblood x Andalusian - Staffordshire

    I can very strongly recommend Morris & Smith equine services, now based Wirksworth, Derbyshire so not too far. They will long rein and do the ground work and do a cracking job, please don't risk yourself if you haven't ridden for a couple of years.
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    The phrase "Just a cob" should be retired, my cob (both of them, I include my dear departed LW in this) got me through both heaven and hell. My youngster, literally gave me a reason to keep going when I thought I had inherited my dad's medullary thyroid cancer (and they found a lump in my...
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    Opinions on this Numnah

    Any good, CC? If you don't have Ebay maybe one of us could get it for you?
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    Opinions on this Numnah

    @Cheeky Chestnut there's a brand new one on Ebay @£15
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    Yet another BF balancers thread

    My cob will eat both the Equimins powder and pellets but preferred the powder (mixed in soaked Thunderbrooks Hay Cobs) I recently got hold of a bag of Agrobs Weisencobs for him to try mixed in with the Thunderbrooks but so far it's a No on Agrobs, he eats it but leaves some which is unheard of...
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    Why is it so difficult to find ...

    I have a Salamo one, very nice quality - Oak is brown, with Brass fittings - £30 and super soft quality leather.
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    I don't really understand why they sent size 8 scoots with the measurements you showed, my cob has very similar sizing and he's in a 10 in Scoots... although the 9 did go on, they were tight on the heel.
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    Hay Prices

    I have 2019 hay in the barn, I panic bought last May as we had that hot spell, the 2019 was fantastic stuff so I bought 50 extra, we are still using them now & it's still cracking soft meadow hay - £4.50 a bale and still £4.50 as I am topping up next week with 30 more for summer - 2020 hay. My...
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    Why does it feel impossible to find a nice livery yard near me !

    I can only echo @Trouper - unless you need an Olympic size school then search Preloved for stables/land for rent, that's how I found my sole use yard OK I have no school but as I have transport I can box up to one. Do you have transport? If you do the world is your oyster (apart from in lockdown...
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    @Red-1, I bought some Scoots size 10 last year for Ruari as I thought I might need them...haven't.....if you think he might be a size 10 (150-155 mm x 155mm from memory) I'd be happy for you to try them. They've never been used except to try on. Just send back if no good
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    Recommendation for fly masks

    I try not to use either fly masks or rugs as on big cobs, I have never found a fly rug that doesn't either rub, or make them sweat (or some, both!) - the only one that fits my cob is the Snuggy Bug body but is far too hot to leave on in 25c plus. I very occasionally use the Premier Equine fly...
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    Mounting help

    My cob was taught by the breaker to come to me no matter what I was getting on from. You "kiss" to him & tap his bum gently and he comes towards the block. It even worked when I fell off him (my fault totally, wool-gathering with washing line reins and a pheasant flew out & I fell off at...