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    Orange/Yellow Pussy scabs

    Yes it sounds exactly like photosensitivity. You will need some pain relief and anti-inflamatories. Our vet gave us the name of a cream to be bought over the counter for humans, but each horse is different so I would take the vets lead on which cream. This condition will not go away unless...
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    Summer Eye conditions

    It sounds a little like photosensitivity, which is a reaction to the sunrays. The vet will give you some cream to treat it and it will be imperative that he is kept out of the sun or wears a full face mask - including covering the nose. I have one who had this on her legs (quite unusal as it...
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    Bellissimo M

    Bit late with this reply but we have one of Belissimo M's offspring, he is 4yro, jumps like a stag, has a GREAT walk, BIG canter and lovely active trot, fantastic nature and a pleasure to have around. He is bay and is out of a show jumping mare so the mix of dressage / sj will mean he will do...
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    Dressage riders

    Hi Snowdrop If you are needing to wrap your legs around your horse, s/he isn't off your leg enough, s/he needs to know that s/he must stay in the pace until you say otherwise, with a lazy horse you much teach it to go with no leg on and a sensitive horse to go with the leg on (so it is not a...
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    Dressage levels

    69% is a good score yes, don't know about the comparison though, what sort of movements were in it?
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    Heaven help me i just lost the plot.....

    Oh I don't think many argue on there, and if it wasn't for Z we may never have got Carl, Peter or Nicola on there. Weezy, you'll just have to come over to the dark side and join, go on you know you want to!
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    Heaven help me i just lost the plot.....

    Ha Ha, I've just read your response to Z Partoow, brilliant I can never be bothered with her to be honest.
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    Advice ref my livery bill pls

    When I've been on part livery I have always paid the same all year round even though my chap lives out in the summer. Normally yards balance out the winter costs and the summer costs (always lower in the summer, less labour, hay & feed because of the grass etc) and come up with an average...
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    Livery yard Hereford - Bromyard

    Thank you both, that's a great help.
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    Livery yard Hereford - Bromyard

    Hi, I'm asking on behalf of a friend who is looking for a yard that could offer DIY assisted or part livery, she would like all year turn out, stable and a school for a well behaved gelding, she is pretty well behaved herself! Thanks in advance
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    BD Inter Region Dressage report

    QuarryBank - don't be too hard on yourself or Q, the weather was awful and there was so much going on, I'm sure next time he will be back to his normal self. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend overall, it was a fantastic atmosphere and if you're anything like me you can't wait for next year (or...
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    BD Inter Region Dressage report

    [ QUOTE ] Go for it!! TCH - Central are only letting Inter regional squad members try out for it - sorry [/ QUOTE ] Are you sure, as Kim's post on the BD forum suggests otherwise?? Sensation has asked her to clarify.
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    Inter regions dressage this weekend

    I'm riding for North West, not sure what time I'm arriving. Not doing the warm up tests, ponio doesn't have that much energy!
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    Are your horses Vaccinated? & Do you always booster?

    Having lost a horse to tetanus, and it is a horrible way to die I can assure you, it must have been 30 years ago and I can still see the look in the mares eyes, I would never risk not having it done, ever...
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    And on the shortlist for the GB team...

    Amazing - well done you!! And I'll have everything crossed you get in, but as you say to be on the shortlist is such an achievement, you must be so so proud of your boys.