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    What would you do after a bad ride?

    Is there someone else with a saintly horse you could go with tomorrow? Personally, I’d want to go again, asap, for both our confidences. However, I’d try and set it up to be successful, so going with a sensible hacking buddy and try and pretend it never happened. I’m much better too in...
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    Thermatex seconds sale

    Just seen this and all rugs, exercise sheets and leg wraps gone now. That’ll teach me to spend the evening concentrating on work rather than getting distracted on the internet! 🤣
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    Duplo composite horse shoes - any experiences?

    I am hoping to move my horse into them at our next shoeing. I spoke to my farrier about it when he was here a few days ago. Mine was originally barefoot. He went into bar shoes at vet suggestion for 2 cycles to provide stability at the back of the foot. (Straight sesamoidian injury, initially...
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    Swollen sheath - thoughts please

    My gelding has a really mucky sheath. Pinky/browny gunk collects in the folds of skin. I think it’s snag/sweat/gunk that then mixes when he gets fly bites up there, giving it the colouring.
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    Underhorsing my daughter with new pony

    I had the same worry when we bought our 14.2 cob for my almost 10 year old son and I to share. He’d had a confidence knock on a whizzy pony and was ok on the flat, but a wreck to jump. I ummed and ahhed on the drive home from viewing but decided that worst case scenario we found him too steady...
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    Stubborn pony - best way forward?

    Oh and actually to answer your question, in terms of napping we only had one or two minor incidents when teaching pony to hack alone- as a kids pony he’d always gone in a group/with a Walker/bike/pram etc. I found that putting his nose by one of my toes and getting him to turn a tight circle or...
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    Stubborn pony - best way forward?

    Your description of your daughter made me laugh! Sorry!! I didn’t have that problem with my son but similar in that he wouldn’t listen to what I was saying. When his instructor said pretty much the exact same thing he listened, and it was good advice. 🤦‍♀️ The only time we have had a full on...
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    Older horses

    Personally, it depends what I want the horse to do and what it’s doing currently. Pony club schoolmaster that’s been there and got the t-shirt? Absolutely would be interested in an older pony. I think horses age quicker than ponies so there’s that to consider. Equally I need to decide if I’m...
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    Your mental health and your horsey life

    Like others have said, the lows are mentally crushing. My heart horse did a soft tissue I injury late august/September last year. It’s been a year in limbo of boxrest, inhand walking, trying to cope with a deeply unhappy horse, start to get better, just start feeling it might be ok… reinjure. I...
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    Best horse insurance companies (recent experience only please)

    I had a similar experience with horse part of e and l/ insurance emporium. The claim was for our loan horse and paid out about 18m ago. They agreed to split a claim into 3 - so fronts with coffin joint arthritis/ hocks with arthritis/ SI pain- so each area could claim the full...
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    How far would you travel to view a horse?

    We did a trip from Watford to the Wirral/Liverpool which should have been under 4 hours… but we went up on the day the universities went back, the weekend before freshers week. An absolute disaster. We left our yard at about 830am and got there mid afternoon, I think at about 230/3- we didn’t...
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    Lending our horsebox ?

    Nope. Once bitten twice shy. I did exactly the same for a friend pre covid. Without going into details it was a good friend of mine’s friend- I didn’t know her myself, but my friends box was in the garage and she’d promised a lift then found herself box-less. Her horse freaked out on my ramp...
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    Fly Masks - wide over eyes

    Harrison Howard also do a beekeeper style mask, a bit cheaper than the Rambo one too. I picked mine up on Amazon for £29. They give lots of clearance. My chunky cob is in between cob/full depending on brand. I initially bought a full as I was worried about clearance. But really it was too big...
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    Has anyone used a hayball or similar?

    My cob is on boxrest and has one. He can empty it inside 15 min. To try and slow him down I’ve taken to hanging it from the rafters. It is really sturdy. One of the reasons I’ve hung it up is I was worried it wouldn’t be doing his injury much good as he really was beating the wotsit out of...
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    What age does anyone recommend buying a pony

    I think AE’s post is absolutely spot on. It really struck a cord with me. We took on a loan ‘pony’ two years ago. He had a teenage owner who obviously loved him very much but fell short on points 1 and 2. (In fact if I didn’t know that AE is nowhere near local I would think she was talking...