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    I've done the wrong thing... (Anyone else's horse on one tonight

    brilliant advice :) just work through it at your pace :) Everyone has wobbles at some point :)
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    Livery Yards in Uxbrdige London

    Whats your yard called in Wexham if you don't mind me asking?
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    Livery Yards in Uxbrdige London

    Thanks for your help, I've already tried Manor Farm, they were lovely and said they'd let me know if anything came up, I'll try the others you've all suggested, thanks so much for all your help! :)
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    Livery Yards in Uxbrdige London

    Hi, I'm currently studying at Brunel University and I'm looking for a local livery yard, something that may offer work in exchange for livery? I don't want to be traveling for more than 20 mins. I've tried looking but can't really find much! If anyone knows of anything I'd appreciate it if you'd...