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    Does anyone use the Barry Swain/Kay Humphries saddles?

    amazing love them! have used one semiflex dressage on 3 horses young and old jumped and hacked in it. i love it! also have 2 normal ones.
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    reins for ridiculously small hands?

    kate negus do really nice rubber reins they might be the suregrip ones i cant remember anyway i have the thinner ones and they are perfect and my husband has the normal ones and they feel so big after using my smaller ones!
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    Locking Stifle shetland foal

    assuming your vet has had a look to make sure its nothing serious.....make sure the shetland can always move so dont keep in a stable. walking in hand to help build up the muscles. of course not over doing it at a young age....
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    Laparoscopic ovariectomy

    my mare had it done and she is a different horse!
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    Help - Formula 4 feet v. balancer (hoof quality)

    formula for feet is also a feed balancer so stay with it if it works!
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    blenheim best time to go?

    as the title says whats the best time to go tomorrow to avoid the queue of cars! thanks
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    Newbury county show

    you should get your stuff end of this week!
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    How much for my Equitrek Space-Treka 'L'

    it might have only been 6 inc vat but dont forget they charge you for all the extras which would easily add up.
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    Gatcombe BYEH - results?

    no idea but i would love to know as well!
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    How much for my Equitrek Space-Treka 'L'

    i think you could ask a bit more for it. depends what extras you have on it. and second hand ones dont come up for sale very often.
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    free winergy growth berkshire

    i have 2 bags i never used from the winter the use by is june but i am sure they are fine if anyone wants them. pm me!
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    Rubber matting - where did you get yours? What spec do I need? very good have used them twice. try ringing for a discount.
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    Mare straining and in pain during seasons

    did you talk to your vet? i never tried any other products as mine was in so much pain.
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    FAL sweet itch fly sheet - has anyone got one please?

    agree they are really nice rugs but if you have a horse that rubs it will destroy the rug. and unless you have the neck attached to a headcollar or fly mask it doesnt sit up very well. but i do think they fit very well over the shoulders and sit nicely over their bum!
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    Spaying mares

    if you are talking about having the ovaries removed then yes my mare had hers removed by standing operation.