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    Norman's Rockley Update

    My horse came back from Rockley 6 months ago today. I have continued her rehab over the winter and she is now in proper, full work. Just follow Nic's advice and you will be fine. I'm beyond delighted with how my horse has done since she went there. When she got to Rockley she was so lame she...
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    Barefoot Transition - issues with soundness in arena

    Her diet is probably a huge factor. As someone said above, forage plus, pro hoof or eqivita are the best ones balancers you can get. Healthy hoof is not great either. Alpha beet would be better with minerals and plenty of forage. You also need to get her moving, if she is not sound ridden...
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    Lameness? What would you do in my shoes

    Read the Rockley farm blog. Your horse most likely doesn't need shoes to work. That would be my first port of call.
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    A show update on the not so "schoolmistress" mare

    A huge well done!! So pleased to read this. Definitely onwards and upwards (in the right way!).
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    Fracrtured Back - Lost nerve -Sell horse? WWYD

    I fractured my back coming up to 5 years ago now. I was very lucky not to be paralysed. Sobering to say the least. Don't make any rash decisions. It may be that you don't want such a challenge when you get back on- and that is absolutely fine. But you may decide that's what you want, so give...
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    Old dog, slippy floors

    My elderly gsd struggled with slippery floors. We laid lots of matts down for him but he wouldn't always lay on them so did have difficulties but could always get up himself within a few seconds. The night he could no longer get up himself we decided to PTS. I'm sorry to say that if it were...
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    Horse communicators - has anyone use one?

    I had Robert Pring out to my horse yesterday. It was really interesting, she definitely made some relevant comments! I'm glad I had him out, I enjoyed it and it confirmed a few things for me.
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    Trying a green horse - natural jump?

    Yes, I would expect it to be able to jump and clear a fence when loose. I went and looked at 4 different 3yr olds last week and they all loose jumped beautifully and one of them had only done it once before. With a rider on- at that age yes I would unless the rider was dire and totally...
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    Sudden anxiety and field pacing

    Thanks for the replies, does make me feel better. Maybe she just needs a longer intro to being back in the field. She was fine for over 2 weeks which I find a bit strange though. After all that box rest I just want her to enjoy being a horse again... Will start tomo with grazing in hand in the...
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    Sudden anxiety and field pacing

    My horse spent the winter on box rest, has been diagnosed, treated and given the thumbs up for turnout and to come back into work. She first went out in a small paddock next to another horse for a few days to get her used to going back out but she was a bit anxious in the paddock by herself so I...
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    Horse laundrette

    I would love that if it were in my area, sounds like a great idea. I'd like to be able to wash my small bits at low cost and then for the bnigger stuff, like t/o's, reproofing and repairs it would be great for a service available. I sent my rugs to be washed and 2x small repairs nealry 3 weeks...
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    Vets going over insurance limit

    Ok, thanks for the advice. I will pay but am going to say something first. I didn't specifically say to contact me when getting close to the limit, so I think I will have to live and learn. The diagnosis was good, my horse is going to be fine which is the most important thing to me anyway...
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    Vets going over insurance limit

    He asked what the limit was and how much spent so far. We then discussed what investigations would be best etc.
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    Vets going over insurance limit

    My horse has not been right since October, had my vet out and followed his advice. She still wasn't right by March, I got him back up again, he took x rays, couldn't see anything so referred her to a well known and respected horse hospital to have further investigation. I took my horse, spoke...
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    Shockemohle bridle - stupidly small crank flash!

    No, I've found the opposite with mine- if I actually wanted the 'crank' action I'd have to put extra holes in the leather to make it tighter. Perhaps contact the retailer as that doesn't sound right at all.