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    Competing at university

    I went to Glasgow Caledonian and managed to get on to the team in first year as it was the first time the uni was in BUCS. The other 3 girls ran the club and I was the only other person who wanted to compete! I then captained the team in my 3rd and 4th year. We normally came last but...
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    Competing at university

    Glasgow Uni is fairly competitive. This is going back a few years but my sister had competed at 2* and only made the C team! However, the riding club is more than just competitions. There are weekly lessons and a good social side so i would definitely still join the club no matter what level you...
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    Europeans cross country thread

    Wow! After the the few problems I thought it was going to be a load of clears! How wrong! Why do I have to go my friends birthday lunch?
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    Badminton XC day

    Can anyone point me in the way of a photo or video of Sam Griffiths getting his 50 penalties. I'm interested to see what happened.
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    Where have all the sharers gone?

    I've been keeping my eye out for a horse to ride but sadly I'm too heavy for your one. Where have you been advertising as I can't see anything available?
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    Who was presenting the Show Jummping on the BBC

    I thought she was good as well and that she knew what she was taking about (far more than mike tucker).
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    Who was presenting the Show Jummping on the BBC

    I've never seen her before and just wondering who she was.
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    badminton 2015 coverage

    I thought Harry Meade was brilliant in the commentary box. He was giving really insightful information about the riders, horses and the course. I was so annoyed with the show jumping coverage. I can't believe they only showed 6 horses.
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    Horsey contacts in Kirkmichael/Pitlochry area

    There really isn't much going on in the horse world up there. It is worth contacting the Atholl Estates to see if they have any jobs going or any cottages to rent. The trekking centre sometimes do grass livery but nothing more as they don't have stables. But very handy as Blair are hosting the...
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    Nice places to live commutable to Edinburgh and Glasgow

    One thing you will notice about moving to the west coast is the rain, especially coming from Aberdeenshire. I've lived in the west, east and north east. It would take a lot for me to move back to the west because of the weather.
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    Breaking/schooling aberdeen

    I'm not sure how much she does now but Linda at Burgie has produced lots of lovely horses over the years. (including Polly Stockton's Benromach)
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    Fitness levels for hilly v. flat courses?

    With my local 'big' events being burgie and Blair I know that you have to have a get your horse much fitter for a hilly course. I've seen far too many people at all levels not getting their horses fit enough and it really annoys me. I was once jump judging at burgie and had to stop a rider due...
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    Any XC - Aberdeenshire?

    I've just got an email through about a hunter pace at burgie on 5 October.
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    Let's hear it for Andrew Nicholson and Avebury

    I just love Avebury. He's been a favourite of mine since I first saw him.
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    WEG show jumping thread

    my live updates still isn't working. The only thing I can think off is thats its a swedish server