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    Anyone ever met THIS out hacking?

    There is a small stone bridge to cross over on one of our hacks. As we came round the corner before the bridge one day last summer a loud noise started that we couldn't identify. It was echoing and we didn't even know where it was coming from. The horses went mad with lots of spinning...
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    Saddlery/bridle making courses - anyone know of any good ones?

    I did one of Davids courses and can highly recommend them. He does specific courses on bridlework, repairs and reflocking. I did the bridlework course and he adjusted it to suit each persons needs. People made bridles, head collars and harness parts when I was there and he will answer...
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    HHO forum stereotypes

    The CC masochist Posts a picture of their horse or riding position or jumping technique and asks for Constructive Critisism and get upset/defensive/annoyed/angry at the replies. The Am I... Am I the only one that does this, thinks this, has noticed this ....
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    Is it worth insuring against vet bills?

    I was clearing out some old paperwork a couple of months and calculated that we had paid nearly £16,000 in premiums over the last 20 odd years and never made a claim.
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    Battery and Energiser - how do you stop them being stolen?

    I bought some impact resistant plastic toolboxes from b&q. Put the battery and energiser inside and filled the rest of the space with bricks. I drilled a hole through the side to pass the wires through. Then I took the switch from the energiser and put it through the side of the box so I...
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    I saw some Mark Todd boots I wanted on their website and they had a special offer for discount on other stuff if you bought them but you had to phone the order in. I rang several times during the 2nd week in December. Sometimes the phone just rang out and eventually I got the answer phone that...
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    Has anyone else aged since owning horses?

    Yes. I feel like i've aged 20 years in the 30 years i've had horses. I'm fitter, healthier and happier than the majority of people I grew up with and the horses have a lot to do with it. Last week I met up with 5 i hadn't seen for years and they were all overweight and miserable. Then...
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    Could someone...

    I'm a converted OH but, if my wife told me she needed a new £1000 saddle, I would fall into the "not understanding OH" group.
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    From my experience (years ago) they are only any good for driving on snow that they can 'cut into'. They would be fine if you had to drive on an uncleared road from a to b but most journeys involve cleared and uncleared roads so you would have to keep putting them on and taking them off (or...
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    Has anyone got a TBXID

    We have 2 full brothers that we bred ourselves. One is 15.3hh the other 16.3hh. One is fine build, the other is heavy. One has a soft mouth, the other hard. One is steady and laid back, the other isn't!!! I wouldn't swap either of them.
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    Blooming ungrateful horses!! Grrrrr!!

    During the summer we build a field shelter for our 3 who live out 24/7. Do they appeciate it? No. The field has been covered by a foot of snow for the last week and they haven't crossed the threshold. Before the snow it was wet and windy for 2 weeks and they stood facing the shelter...
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    For those with 3 horses - how much hay are you using?

    We have 3 out 24/7 and a big bale lasts about 4 or 5 days. We have plenty of grass but it's under snow so they are on hay until it goes.
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    i just heard an owl outside my window and it occured to me when was the last time

    They are sitting in our back garden eating the tons of seed, nuts and fat balls that my wife puts out for them.:)
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    the weather !

    It happened when I was walking to work in the dark and the effect of the lightning reflecting off the snow was amazing.
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    Engine/motor oil to stob snowballs in hooves? Sound odd?

    As I said, I don't know how it will affect a horses foot but I trained and worked as a mechanic for 20 years and was regularly shown HSE information on the carcinogenic properties of used engine oil. Whether it does the job or not, it is disgusting stuff that I would never use on my horses...