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    Do people really collect that much saddle pads

    That's the one
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    Do people really collect that much saddle pads

    I have a teenage daughter who watches these videos and all the others on endless loop. Some are better than others but they all seem to have the same irritating twang to their voices. I did ban her from watching one of them in my vicinity - the one with the well known "dark" jumping cob who...
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    Yesterdays racing

    Even though with lockdown we've watched a lot more of the flat season than we would ordinarily it's still lovely to see those well loved campaigners coming out every winter. Love Might Bite and loved seeing Frodon leading from the front last week.
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    Show me your dressage ponies!

    This is my NF pony in both of our younger days. He's now thirty and retired in a field so looks more like a hairy yak than a smart dressage pony. He competed successfully up to Elementary but was another who tolerated the dressage and much preferred to jump - he had an amazing pop in him. My...
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    Reilee at Kelsall Hill BE100, pics and vid

    Lovely horse - although your cameraperson is making me feel a bit nauseous! We were FJ at the ski jump so the back of my head makes a brief appearance on the vid :D
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    Best plastic mounting block

    The problem with those stools with legs is they are not enormously stable if you have 16.3 of horse pratting around while you are hopping around with your foot in the stirrup.
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    Best plastic mounting block

    The Stubbs 3 step block transformed my relationship with my (now ex) loan horse. Clearly his very tall teenage owner had let him walk off from the mounting block as she got on. Being old and stiff that was no good for me and we had a couple of potentially nasty incidents where he walked off...
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    Riding skills

    I used to steward at a big just below county level show. I remember one kid - clearly only just off lead rein - sitting in the line up sobbing its eyes out whilst the parents stood within clear sight and earshot and cajoled it to get on with things. After about half an hour of this I couldn't...
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    Midget round up....

    Mine also brave as a lion (was once the only one on a 6 horse hack who didn't explode at some chickens running on the side of the road. You could practically hear him saying "it's just chickens you idiots!" as he marched past) everywhere but that place.
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    Midget round up....

    I saw the photos of the hard NO - that was some impressive moves. If it's any consolation my pony always HATED that arena. When they first started running shows there it took me a whole season to get him to settle in there. At the end of the season he did his best elementary test ever there...
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    Big yard / medium yard or private yard which one do you prefer

    Over the past 20 years I've actually only been on 3 yards. I much preferred the two big yards. I liked the anonymity of being able to slope down, do your horse, ride and sod off home again without the YO watching your every move. Plus on the small yard the YO started to act as if she was the...
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    I just wanted to say something about Frankie and how much I admire his horsemanship. It's something I've noted before and it's not when he's riding the big race winners. It's when he is on the losers. It happened in the Moet and Chandon race today. He was on the favourite. He asked it to go...
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    Beach Rides - Formby? *Pic*

    I think it'd be the one at Thurstaston. I don't think you'd want to ride near Wekka sailing club. It's way too boggy.
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    Beach Rides - Formby? *Pic*

    It's years since I've been but what about Ainsdale? Can you still park on the beach there?
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    Beach Rides - Formby? *Pic*

    Hoylake prom isn't like Blackpool prom though! It's very very quiet (the only issue you're likely to have with traffic is it's where we all go for our first lesson as learner drivers because it is so quiet and straight) and you can park very close to where you get on the beach. You could park...