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    Facebook footage of welsh stud delivering youngstock to abattoir

    I also don't get the arguments to why this is different from a cow. From reading this thread one of those was "they are only doing it as a hobby", well plenty of people farm cows as a hobby / additional source of income alongside a full-time job around here (including me). Another was "they...
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    Just thinking could squeeze in another

    Thats how we got my daughters new pony, RS selling off all but the core ponies. Prices are high though, she wasn't a crazy price but certainly not cheap.
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    Fresh horses

    Yes, I posted on here the other day that my two (ancient sensible cob and young very sensible cob) were behaving like idiots, for them, when I turned them out - spooking at sheep and trying to take off before I got the headcollars off. Just got back from checking on them and they were charging...
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    Does everybody use full necks on their horses now?

    I don't use them, but I have hairy cobs with huge manes. They also have really short necks for their rug size, the one time I have put on a rug with a non-detachable neck on it was hanging down over his eyes!
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    Farmers lung.

    I use straw pellets, they are pretty low dust (horse has ROA and I have asthma) but do go moldy easily (they compost really quickly on the much heap too). The only completely dust free bedding I've had was the peat which was in when I moved in, which also didn't seem go very mouldy, but I had...
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    Farmers lung.

    Does Red Bed still exist? They had it at Moor Wood Stables when I went on a course there, it was like pink clay pellets and was dust and mould free. I haven't heard of it since though and that was years ago.
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    WWYD -Livery Issues

    Why is no one going to want such a pony?? An unfit coloured cob with poor conformation and bad ground manners about sums up my boy when I got him and he also had a (disclosed) fence wrecking habit when there was little grass, soon resolved with a stint at a yard with some strong mains electric...
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    Best 12v leisure battery energisers

    I got my leisure batteries from Halfords, they're fine and not a bad price. I have a couple of old car batteries too as spares, but the leisure batteries certainly last longer. For the energiser, I love my StockShop Mosquitos (Wolsley BX140). No separate earth stake, easy to store and move...
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    I knew things were going too well 😩

    Agreed. My two are about the sanest, quietest pair of cobs you can imagine. When I turned them out yesterday, the youngster had a proper spook at a sheep and almost refused to walk past it and then my oldie (who I've owned forever and should know better) lost it in the gateway and tried to...
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    Has bullying on yards got worse or better in people’s opinion?

    I've only experienced anything close to bullying once, which was at a RS I went to briefly when between horses (around age 30). The YO / instructor was great, but when she wasn't around there was a gang of teenage girls, liveries I think, that were pretty horrible, based primarily on the fact I...
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    Pet cow 🐄

    I have a small herd of 5 cows (2 cows and their 3 castrated male offspring) primarily to keep the grass short for my good doers. They are Dexters so much smaller than yours would probably be. Also the 2 cows are older (early teens) so pretty calm and know what they are doing when it comes to...
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    Obtaining Refund Fom Riding Stables And Riding Centre

    The link HashRouge posted seems to contradict this, particularly in the case of the deposit, as does my prior experience, but as I said I'm not a lawyer. Not sure why you posted if you had already taken legal advice and didn't want to hear any other viewpoint or suggestion. Obviously not...
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    Barefoot navicular help - boots/advice/books to read etc

    A good farrier can, yes. It was my farrier that took mine barefoot. Unfortunately when I moved I found out how rare good farriers are, and why there is an opening for trimmers. Of course not all trimmers are great either, but I don't think your experience of one poor trimmer and good farrier...
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    Obtaining Refund Fom Riding Stables And Riding Centre

    I'm not a lawyer but I don't think you'll get a non-refundable deposit or pre-paid class booking back either via credit card or small claims. OP would probably be better off trying to "shame" them into a refund by posting on their facebook page or similar stressing the reason they can't attend...
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    Historical tendon injury now in full work

    If you usually insure for vets fees (I don't) you also need to take into account you will need to disclose the history and there will probably be some hefty exclusions.