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    Loosing hope with Section D

    Sounds like she just had a bit of a yipee moment! super fun for her (not so much for you) Next time you try, try up a hill if you can, it will make it harder for her to buck as she will need her back end to get up the hill. Also I would be tempted to try her in front. My late mare could be a...
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    Legal advice

    Speak to the YO and find out if there was a contract (of course they could deny this) if there was a contract with the loaner then they would be responsible, if none, then its a hard one but he is your Horse I am afraid. Could you sell him or was this a temp loan till you could take him back...
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    Ralph is famous!

    No not really, but he did make it on to Badminton TV in the Dog video. He is the Beagle at around 39 seconds, the Cavapoo Bonnie (in the purple harness) is my cousins Dog.
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    Badminton parking

    thank you, really appreciate it.
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    Badminton parking

    Do you know what the pub is called? I will put that into the satnav.
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    Badminton parking

    thank you so much :)
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    Very Confuddled

    Scope for ulcers, stop the bute until then (bute can make ulcers worse)
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    Badminton parking

    Driving from Essex
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    Badminton parking

    Hi all, I am off to the XC on the 8th. The first time I went I was advised on here to park at luckingdon lane/road (I cannot remember) it was super quiet and easy. Then the second time I just followed my satnav and went to what I assume was the main carpark. It was a nightmare and we had to...
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    Daisy - Advice Please

    So glad she is ok :) you must be very happy
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    lameness in right a loss

    Great news, thanks for updating :)
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    New Horse Day!

    I really like him! have fun with him :)
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Someone advertised yesterday wanting a sharer, chores to be included - all sounds good. Horse lives with one other and you will be responsible for doing chores for that Horse too, oh and you have to pay too.
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    I loved mine, but mine didn't pull hay into her bedding. Not sure I would have loved it so much if that is what she did haha
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    I saw a recent advert recently for a share and it stated that you absolutely cannot have children and cannot be a smoker.