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    Safety tips - things you've learned

    Riding safety ALWAYS keep shoulders behind knees no matter what length you ride at. Doing this prevents you being tipped off if horse misbehaves (in theory anyway!) x
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    Christmas Meet chat thread

    What a lovely start to Christmas. Was feeling nervous but everyone so friendly and such fun. Thanks again G_G for organising a great get together. P.S When's the next meet??
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    Christmas Meet chat thread

    Been away, just to confirm that I'll be meeting you all on Sunday. Racking lonely brain cell for Secret Santa ideas :)
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    Hmmm, overtook field, hounds and master today!

    Been there, done that, suffered the embarrassment!! Tried everything, only bit that worked was Dr.Bristol. Total respect and only used it the once, he was fine in a snaffle after that.
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    Livery near Chippenham

    Do you want DIY, part or full livery. I know of a couple of nice yards in the vicinity. Good luck with your move
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    Puppy and olympia

    Mine's black and tan, what colour is yours? x
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    Puppy and olympia

    My 11 week old nice but dim jack Russell puppy has just shown first signs of intelligence. Never been interested in the TV before, but is GLUED to Olympia following the horses going round and nodding her head as they go over the jumps.......
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    Short term loan of youngster while pregnant - am I dreaming...?

    I live in North Wiltshire and would be interested please PM me
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    best for sale websites

    Horsequest BD BS BE (depending on your discipline) sites Also Horsemart, Horsedeals. Local tack shops and feed merchants are useful, but word of mouth the best. Are you buying or selling?
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    Someone please help me pick a yard - WWYD?

    Definitely A. Good luck.
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    Whats your favourite horse quote?

    Love these. One of my favourites is "To his faults be a little blind, to his good points be ever so kind". I think that was from "The Horsemans Weekend" book.
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    Eventing Livery Yards Gloucestershire/Cirencester area

    Lucie McNicol just outside Chippenham is good. Very individual attention, very knowledgeable. She has large modern stables arena show jumps horse walker and gallops. Hacking is good with nice quiet lanes for roadwork. Have a look at her website. I'm there and would love to have another...
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    Opinions on ish?

    Go ahead, they are brilliant. Tough, clever and adaptable with a "Fifth Leg" to get you out of trouble!
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    repuatable dealers in the south west / south

    I've bought 3 horses over the years from Andy Brake when he was in Taunton. He is now in Dorset. All mine were as described and Thoroughbred or IDxTB from Ireland. They could ALL seriously jump! I know he is now a little more expensive, but would go back to him in a heartbeat if I could...
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    At my wits end.

    Had a similar problem with a 15.1 who would jump ANYTHING to leave the field. His previous owner had him in a high hedged field and parked a van across the gate and he jumped the gate landed on the van and walked back to the stable yard! The only time he would stay in my small field was if the...