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    Irresponsible horse breeding

    What do you want to discuss? people who breed crap for colour? People who breed crappy gypsy cobs and if they are really crap go for meat? People who breed crappy TBs? People who breed from crappy mares because it’s lame? People who choose a crappy stallion because it’s cheap? People who keep...
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    Low BE entries - what’s up with that?

    Also the saving is £23 on overall horse and rider membership so not that great TBH. I know you are a big advocate for BE but I am at the moment looking at this and thinking what is the point? The costs keep going up and my love of the sport does not go up exponentially with it. Actually it has...
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    What kind of yards have you been on?

    Own Family farm until 4 years ago - then moved horses to owners yard (ride horses for) which was also a DIY livery yard but my horses all kept on own. Then moved last year to a new yard for same owner but no liveries. I love not having liveries again and just my own beautiful yard. Just arena...
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    Problem Lusitano

    You need to spend some money on the right person coming to help you. I got into the whole groundwork thing through a very tricky PRE x TB who completely changed the way I do things and I am experienced with horses! This then was a huge help with his sister who despite being with the same owner...
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    you can’t offend me on this forum. No point coming on here and getting offended discussing opinions with strangers! Everyone has a viewpoint, you just have to work out whose is valid and whose is not!
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    I am going to be completely pedantic here but a ID x TB is a warmblood. It annoys me SO MUCH that people don’t learn that. What you might not like are continental bloodlines which is fine. They are bred to do a different job than go hunting and be a riding horse on the whole, though there are...
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    Unsustainable, elitist sport... how have we made it here?

    Horses are elitist. In any other country they are really, really elitist! Maybe Australia and NZ are the exception due to land not being so prohibitively expensive. But in Australia, hay is often very expensive and distances to compete are vast. I find it highly amusing that in the UK we feel...
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    Low BE entries - what’s up with that?

    I have looked at the SW and splitting out March vs April alone has a big difference. March you have a 62% chance of running in the SW vs 80% in April. The data is skewed as well as 2020 was terrible in March but this has been hidden behind Covid as everything cancelled. I used to enter late...
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    Low BE entries - what’s up with that?

    This is why I am pulling data on it. Mine will be based on the SW as thats where I live and know well. I am going back to 2016 currently
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    Low BE entries - what’s up with that?

    They tell us they ballot early to ensure viability of the event. Tbh the whole system pisses me off. Though admittedly I was entering some unaff ODES up to 2 months in advance but they had a fair WD policy and abandonment.
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    Do you have a plan for if you die?

    Yep, I have some really lucky friends who will inherit the horses and all my equestrian related items including car and trailer to help cover costs and do as they feel fit with it all. They also get the 50p which is in my bank balance. Between them all they will make the right decisions for...
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    Low BE entries - what’s up with that?

    The problem with TE is it’s full of people who don’t actually event so their opinions are IMO not valid. I do actually event, so currently pulling data to decide on how I feel about this subject!
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    'I could go out tomorrow and buy a Novice level dressage horse for £6000 if I wanted.' Discuss

    Luckily I have a good friend who is lightweight enough to ride mules and Shetlands...... Unfortunately at 5'9 I can stand up with the shetland so would need roller skates. The test might take 45 mins as well and we know dressage is boring enough without it taking that long.
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    'I could go out tomorrow and buy a Novice level dressage horse for £6000 if I wanted.' Discuss

    My shetland could do a novice level dressage test..... it might not get a decent score, but nobody would die and she was less than £500.