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    Any ideas where I can.....

    The ones I linked to are 72", with billets and £28 but only seem to be continental reins. Its worth asking if they will make up the ones you want though
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    New colours for old!

    He is bay. Hes not dun, he has no dorsal, no primitive markings nor face masking and no coat dilution. Hes not buckskin, he has no coat dilution. He is bay, brown body, black point. He has some pangre which causes the lighter tones. Mane/forelock hair can bleach in the sun and/or have lighter...
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    Any ideas where I can.....

    these any good? They are 72"
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    Feeding tips for dieting a fat pony!!!!

    I feel the opposite. If you are restricting grazing and forage then you do need to replace vitamins and minerals and a small amount of protein. If mine is dieting she has restricted grazing when out, a small haynet when in a trug of chopped oat straw as well as a straw bed to pick at. She has a...
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    Thoughts on this bridle?

    Thats a much better idea. Apart from the fact it looks awful i cant imagine anything worse than the noseband being undone and the metal bits banging against the face!
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    The pony quest continues - short tail eaten by a foal?! Hair Extenions?

    phew, I thought I had inadvertently been part of some serious rule breaking there!
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    How tall do you think she is, and how tall will she get?! 😂

    You are about the same height as me and shes about the same height as Bobbie who is 14.1hh, so if we say shes 14.2hh and then add a hand for her 2 and 3yr old years then 16.2hh is about right. You can string test her to check, and its usually fairly accurate.
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    The pony quest continues - short tail eaten by a foal?! Hair Extenions?

    Is that a new thing? It was a while ago now but I worked for one of the top producers in the country and he used them on a semi regular basis
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    Oat straw chaff for weight control

    I do, I mix straw with hay and give them deep beds to pick at, but I do it to slow them down. I dont really want them eating tons of straw, esp as I can only get hold of wheat.
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    The pony quest continues - short tail eaten by a foal?! Hair Extenions?

    You can buy fake tails to put in, so dont let that put you off!
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    First set of spurs

    I've got a comb pair I would sell you cheaply. I dont ride anymore so have no need of them now :)
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    New colours for old!

    hes bay, he has some pangre as well I think. He looks to have a mealy muzzle although I'm not 100%. Pangre would also give him lighter tones which ties in with you thinking he is a sooty bucksin :) This is a pretty extreme ecample so you can see what I mean
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    Feed Balancers

    Another Equimins Advance Complete person. I'm not a big fan of the big brand name balancers. They tend to have iron in which I dont want, and a generally quite low spec. I find mine looks and feels well with the Equimins and theres a noticable difference with her feet :)
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    Thoughts South Herefordshire hunt.

    I dont ride and consequently dont hunt but have always been very pro hunting. Having just watched the video of the Kimblewick which is one of my local hunts and the only one I have had any involvement with, I'm done. I've come out of the group which is a shame as I loved seeing the pictures, but...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    I could find her 20 for that price within about 10 mins if thats all her requirements are!