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    First CCI-S 2* Opinions

    I don’t compete but we FJ at Somerford and it always looks a nice, fair track to me. Flowing rather than twisty, and some good, not too testing, terrain. Tend to see lots of the big names bringing their youngsters up for a run which I always think is a good sign!
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    Would you cover their vet bill?

    Happened to the pony I was with at the beach once and it was bloody terrifying. The dog latched onto his hind leg (thankfully he had boots on) and was an absolute menace. The useless owner sent her small children to come and catch it so they were darting around under the feet of poor Rocky who...
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    Not too many round here (quite urban) but we went for a walk up on Barbury Castle last weekend while we were staying down there and I’ve never seen so many butterflies in one place!
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    There’s something very cathartic about burning things. Glad Rigsby is still enjoying his celery!
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    Weekend Plans :)

    FJ-ing at Barbury all weekend 😄 I love it there - so much sky! Started off with the water jump today and I think we’re roving sector judges tomorrow, for the morning at least.
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    Look what i got :)

    What an absolutely delightful chonk! I love him 😄
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    A Summer of Scarlett

    Yayyyyy! I’m so pleased for you. Did laugh when this thread opened back up on exactly this post though 😂
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    Early july weekend plans

    Well this is very exciting!!
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    BE Venues running UA

    Is Cholmondeley near enough for what you need? Not exactly Midlands but not that far away... they run a UA the weekend after their BE event.
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    Pictures Eight months with Maddie.....

    Never apologise for photos! This was a delight to read. You make a lovely pair.
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    Welcome home Pepsi ❤️

    I was just about to say this! Same sort of really handsome, lean look about him.
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    Joe's grown!

    I really, really like him. Is he getting on well with Ludo?
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    Sharers what do you do/enjoy?

    I did M’s jobs on my days, so that was muck out, waters, hay, feed and a quick field poo pick in winter, then in summer just poo picking, checking field water and checking the stable in case he’d been in for a snooze during the hot part of the day. One turn out or bring in was covered by someone...
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    Would you consider buying this horse?

    Well that’s the risk she took when letting him go out on trial, isn’t it? Easier said than done, but try and ignore her!
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    Would you consider buying this horse?

    Hope you don’t mind me chiming in with my thoughts, OP. The gist I’ve got from this thread is that you had a trial ride on him and felt super safe, then one where he was massively hard work and you didn’t like him, then he was very rude on the ground, then he was nice to ride again, then he...