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    Wildlife when out hacking

    There are lots of hares on our yard so they’re fun to watch zooming around the fields. I’m terrible at bird spotting though so only know the super obvious ones like pheasants and barn owls and so on.
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    What would you do?

    If she won’t hack and she insists on having the school to herself, the onus is on her to work around other people and not hog it at peak time, surely?? I mean I hate spectators watching me ride but that’s my problem - if I’m that desperate for no eyes on me when I ride then I certainly don’t...
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    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    Oh gosh, how awful 😞 Massive hugs to you. Am I right in thinking she’d come back to you fairly recently and you’d done an amazing job bringing her back to full health? If so, what a lucky, lucky horse to spend her last months with someone who loved her so much.
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    Thoughts on where to go with transport?

    Ah fair enough!
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    Thoughts on where to go with transport?

    How often do you travel? Box hire might work out cheaper if you’re not on the go that much.
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    In-hand showing outfits.....Why so frumpy and 80s??!

    The stuff that makes me think of the 80s is culottes and odd midi-maxi length wool skirts.
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    Having a bit of a wobble!

    She’s brilliant, you’re brilliant: go and have some fun!
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    New weekend plans!

    DressageCob, you both look fantastic! What lovely rhythmical jumping. Just need to go up a gear now 😄
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    Somerford BE90: Survived. Just!

    Brilliant!! We were FJing fence 5 today and it was still causing drama (even a lot of the clears were very messy). A clear round over that course is really impressive!
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    Ok folks....the wait is over (hopefully..!!)

    I just assumed they were typo-ing Goldenstar’s username incorrectly! Melt is quite a mild insult round by me. Didn’t know it had made it further up the NW though!
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    PONY Mag

    Pony On The Twelfth Floor by Polly Faber is a lovely recent book that has some nice representation in terms of ethnicity, class etc. Very fun too!
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    New weekend plans!

    I’m fence judging at Somerford on Sunday.
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    Ok folks....the wait is over (hopefully..!!)

    Oh I like the sound of her! And her name - Crunchie is fun 😄
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    Is hacking ‘in a field’ sufficient?

    Same for us, and a nice variety of surfaces. Alas we don’t have any hills but we do have some logs and cross country jumps on it.
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    Is there a weekend thread I've missed...... Bank Holiday Plans?

    Clever Tim! Do you have any photos? I’d love to see how he’s looking now.