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    Second weekend of August plans!

    Oh no!! I was wondering how you’d got on. Hope you’re not too sore.
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    Very odd looking trailer - any ideas?

    Looks like Robocop to me! I don’t hate it 😄
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    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Yes we were there both days. If that’s the combo I’m thinking of who fell towards the end of the day, she was having a lovely round and it seemed a huge shame - we’d just been commenting on how well they’d jumped the coffin. I spoke to the water jump FJs at the end of the day and they said she...
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    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    It seemed to ride a lot more smoothly than it has in previous years. Didn’t hear any requests over the radio for course repair to go and investigate the footing.
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    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    The water didn’t cause as many problems as normal! I think one on each weekend day and they were both stumbles in the water rather than fence related? I don’t think the results will say which fence the faults were at. Let me cast my mind back to what was coming up on the radio... Sat was 90...
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    At last.....

    Oh I’m so pleased you’ve finally found him! 😄 He looks lovely.
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    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Long second day at Cholmondeley today due to a hold of over an hour at one point (think the doctor was tied up with a SJ casualty so they couldn’t run the XC until she was free?). Lively day though - we were on the coffin in the afternoon and had one faller, many many refusals, one horse that...
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    Our experience of BE post lockdown

    I found the competitors walking the XC course at Cholmondeley this weekend were much chattier than normal - lots of thank yous and nice conversations. I think everyone’s just really glad to be back! Sorry you didn’t have the same experience Batgirl :(
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    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Also I probably shouldn’t criticise because I wouldn’t ever even start a BE event, but also y’know, you watch 250 horses a day around a XC course for multiple days a year and you’re probably allowed some opinion on this... The BE90 classes ran with horses every 2 mins from 9.30am to 3.45pm...
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    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    Well day 1 of fence judging under the new rules went really well! Musketeer run Cholmondeley and they’re always highly efficient, so no surprise that we were given loads of pre-event info, a full event pack and a link to a 30 min YouTube video of the BE briefing. (On that note, it was a good...
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    "New" trainer for Ludo

    I think he’s an absolute cracker 😄 I remember the last video you posted and don’t think I commented at the time but he had such nice natural elevation in it. The rhythm is looking good in this one!
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    OMG it's august weekend plans!

    A full weekend of fence judging at Cholmondeley. Woo hoo!!! I cannot wait. We haven’t done any since Kelsall last September (I think - feels about 6 years ago!) and I’ve missed it so much. Shall report back about what it’s like in this weird new world. I’ve watched the briefing video on...
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    Weekend plans for last weekend in July

    Oh that’s a bit frustrating AE! Was it a case of just sailing along and forgetting to use her legs at the easy fences? Lots of positives though - better luck next time!
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    And a lesson report from mega midget too!

    He’s looking fab!
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    Beach Rides - Formby? *Pic*

    Basically what Hallo2012 said about Formby! This is the horse route to the beach - it’s narrow and straight up the dunes. A bit alarming if your horse throws a strop, as Monty decided to do 🙄 It’s lovely but you either need to go out of season or nice and early in the day because especially...