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    Decisions.. opinions? Ideas for a lame shetland.

    Thank you all, negative results for EMS in February/March when his levels were checked for cushings, have bought a muzzle and will see how that fairs as a long term option once we have this flair back under some control again. Mouse mats sound an excellent idea, I’m all about a bit of money...
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    Decisions.. opinions? Ideas for a lame shetland.

    Thank you! Gel pads sounds a great idea! Will look into this just now! A grazing muzzle something I hadn’t considered but definitely worth a try! Thank you both Amazon here I come!!
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    Decisions.. opinions? Ideas for a lame shetland.

    Interesting, I didn’t realise they would do that! They are aware of the issues but hadn’t come forth with that suggestion- I believe there has been previous significant rotation previously however X-rays would be near impossible due to his temperament and not something I would want to put him...
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    Decisions.. opinions? Ideas for a lame shetland.

    I realise that no one can tell me what to do but I would just like to be able to write this all down and perhaps get opinions, stories or options from others as it has helped before! I have a little WHW rescue shetland who is awfully lame again. He has Cushings, is ridiculously sensitive to...
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    Wood chip on hardcore, good footing? Experiences?

    Loved my wood chip when I put it down. 4 years on… It’s rather boggy and rotting down and I cannot wait to replace it, but this will involve pulling it all up from a 30mx15m and replacing so I have put it off for now. Its still fine in the summer when it dries out but the winter is a mess, and...
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    Why lie on the floor?

    Silly simple question but any chance she is just too warm? Our GSD lies on the cold bathroom tiles, all year round, very occasionally will you find him on his bed. Occasionally he will lie on his cooling cushion in the summer, but generally prefers the tiles!
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    First winter with new pony - give me all your tips please!

    Advice all looking good so far! Do everything in advance. Feeds, nets etc. If you are rugging make sure they are waterproofed properly… nothing worse than dealing with a heavy soaked rug. Another vote for neoprene wellies and sealskinz gloves. Designate an area in the house for smelly...
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    GSD anxiety about the garden! - ptsd?

    That’s hilarious! They are so clever with those solar ears! Full circuit is off and the whole electric fence removed from that paddock as they are now in the winter field. - might try turning that off and see if it makes a difference, definitely couldn’t do it long term though or they’d be a...
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    GSD anxiety about the garden! - ptsd?

    Thanks, definitely no wetness as we actually had a nice summer(who knew!)… that’s long gone now though and back to smelly wet dog! I’ve no doubt it certainly hurt him more than it would us though! I just feel with the feeding that I wouldn’t particularly want him eating in an anxious state-...
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    GSD anxiety about the garden! - ptsd?

    Thank you, the area he got zapped was pretty poorly electrified, so much so OH can hold onto it. Really needing to renew all the fencing to ensure it keeps the fatties in! Unfortunately I couldn’t unelectrify the bottom line, as one of the fatties is a shetland.. is a miracle he even stays in!😋
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    GSD anxiety about the garden! - ptsd?

    Glad your boy is better now thank you for sharing! The special occasion toy is basically a lunge whip with a toy on the end that really gets his prey drive going! That’s the only thing he is half interested in anymore in that area, we have a cat and she roams about the paddock- thankfully he...
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    GSD anxiety about the garden! - ptsd?

    Long story short. Our four year old GSD got a shock from the electric fence in the horses paddock 3-4 months ago. He has free access to all areas and touched the fence once as a pup, got over it quickly but didn’t touch the fence again needless to say! It didn’t cause any issues though and he...
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    Yard A or B?

    I think it’s very horse situation dependent. I would have to pick A for as lovely as B sounds having 24/7 access to haylage all winter would be a DISASTER for a fat Hipo 😂
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    Another vote for daisy reins!
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    Horses v ponies

    I would say “in my opinion” horses take guidance easier than ponies. From those that I have ridden I have always found horses easier to negotiate to a fence or round an obstacle, whereas with ponies they seem to do it their own way- which isn’t always a bad thing to be fair, on the other hand I...