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    aggressive behaviour in youngster . help!!

    As well as other youngsters to play with, he needs to be out constantly with a real lead mare who will keep him in line. If you can't provide both, then find a stud yard to keep him at.
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    how to gain weight on your horse?

    Ad lib good quality forage, get teeth done, worming, & make sure he's kept warm & stress free. Then add hard feed as a top up. I'd try Baileys outshine, unlike veteran mix its not sugary & burnt off as quick as it goes in.
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    Need some advice on loan pony

    She could just be very protective over food because of her history. But combined with the spooking & snorting it might be worth getting a vet to check her eyesight. Also what are you feeding her? I'd cut any hard feed out for a few weeks & see if its perhaps too high in energy.
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    Ugh - what do they teach kids at riding schools these days!!!

    I have seen awful riding by the pupils of one local rs, its dire. But, its hardly the fault of the pupils. And tbh if you're unfeeling enough to slag her on a forum, then heaven knows how you make her feel in person. Sounds to me like you just wanted a mug all winter & now any excuse will do.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm on my phone & can't see where you are, & no idea what you're looking for but a member on here called tabithakat was looking to loan, iirc it is herts area, might be worth having a look?
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    questions for parents with gutsy young kids.

    Have a look at little local shows too, lots have a novice working hunter pony with small rustic fences, & there's one at a rs not far from me that does lr & fr whp round a tiny xc course. Keep an eye out for any little family run shows/comps as well as pc ran ones.
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    questions for parents with gutsy young kids.

    Don't see why not, mines done mini stuff from being little, & does unaffiliated sj on mine & hers, mini hunter trials etc. And last summer at 7 decided to forgo fr classes to do wh on my 14.2. Mine thinks she's invincible, so whilst I let her do stuff, as her mum I only draw the line if its...
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    Why do people want to own cobs?

    Long tails full of dreadlocks & tangles with random twigs stuck in aren't usually attractive, but they fit in with the general image of a cob.
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    Pony has become a one person pony

    Mines a connie x tb & very much 'mine'. Anyone can do anything with her, she just goes that extra mile for me, & expresses affection that she doesn't for other humans. I have had her 22yrs though. Daughters pony is undeniably 'hers' though. I believe because I bought her as a fear aggressive...
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    The most unusual, deranged or downright odd thing you' want to do with a horse...

    I've played lotr, as well as tig & Simon says regularly, I have a child as an excuse if anyone sees me. And jockeys, which involves jockey length stirrups in a gp & racing madly about. Riding whilst facing backwards is funny too. More embarrassing I have played power rangers, cowboys, & cops &...
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    The most unusual, deranged or downright odd thing you' want to do with a horse...

    I think adult mounted games should become a national movement. With silly games like not spilling your beer, eating chips, lighting a cig at trot with a wind machine on etc.
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    Are my horses suitable for rehoming

    Have you tried ringing riding schools & even trekking centres to see if they would loan any? If I had the money for a third right now I'd have the 13.2 on loan. Which area are you in? I'm on my phone at the moment, but if you're anywhere near by I can certainly ask around for you.
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    The most unusual, deranged or downright odd thing you' want to do with a horse...

    I've asked my 8yr old. She wants to take her pony to an indoor play area near by, one of those ones with ball pools, slides etc, the swimming baths, bowling, & in her classroom. And just let her run loose round the supermarket. Worrying thing is the pony happily would go along with them all too...
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    how would you assess if a rider is too heavy for their horse?

    I would have thought its completely obvious we are being silly, & that nobody is actually planning on cracking jokes about pies etc. And besides being too heavy can apply to anyone fat or thin.
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    How much do you love your horse?

    I'd do anything for mine provided it didn't harm my daughter, I love her to bits. I don't think you can measure it in what you'd spend though, someone could make major sacrifices to have £300 of treatment on a horse they adore, someone very well off might spend £ks on a horse that emotionally...