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    My mare had a tooth filled 2 years ago. As above, done at vets with standing sedation, came home early evening and back out with her friends a couple of hours later. My OH was allowed to watch the procedure and said it was very much like us having a filling at the dentist. Took less than 30...
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    Can I use fly rug?

    Hi My mare has a fly rug, its a thicker cotton type material like a sweet itch rug. After a wet day last summer she rolled and covered it in mud. It was too dirty for me to put in the washing machine so I sent it away for cleaning. The lady that cleans our rugs thought it was a turnout rug and...
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    Pictures Area Festival

    Well done. I have a similar story. You should be very proud of yourself and lovely horse.
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    BD associated Champs

    Sorry to jump in, I'm thinking about entering too. Are the warm up and competition arenas indoor or outdoor?
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    Filling teeth

    Hi Went into the vets in the morning, sedated for the procedure and then allowed home when sedation wore off. My OH stayed with her and was allowed to watch, took about 20 minutes. She has been absolutely fine since. Cost was about £800 which included xrays at home to assess the condition of...
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    clippersharp solar flood lights?!?!

    These lights look good, where could I get poles from?
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    Filling teeth

    Thank you for replies. She's having it done next week.
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    Filling teeth

    Looking for feedback on filling teeth. Horse is 18, I found a lump behind her jaw and asked vet to come out. Only a small lump but she had been coughing over winter then had an episode of choke so wanted her checked in case something going on. Vet said lump nothing to worry about, but did...
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    Yard boots for men

    Looking for long yard boots for men, not wellies. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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    luxation of the superficial flexor tendon on the hock

    This happened to my OHs mare earlier this year. When it first happened she bolted and did panic a couple of times when we got her back in the stable. Our vet said this was normal as it's one of the most painful injuries for a horse. She was box rested on bute to keep her comfortable with in hand...
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    Looking for livery in or near Worcester

    Yes thank you
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    Looking for livery in or near Worcester

    Hi JTF Could you give me some more info on this yard please.
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    looking for part / full livery Pershore /Evesham areas

    I'm glad you have found somewhere :)
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    looking for part / full livery Pershore /Evesham areas

    I have sent you a pm.
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    Gallops Hire (Droitwich/ Bromsgrove)

    We enquired a few months ago and were told that they dont hire them out now as the yard is too busy.