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    Lesson learnt out hacking this afternoon

    Very bright sunny days can be hazardous too if your riding under the dark shadows of trees, ie. intermittent dar/bright/dark/ bright. As car drivers zoom along going from super bright sun to dark shadows their (our) eyes don't have enough adjustment time to allow for the change in light levels...
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    Horse “not ready for dressage?”

    We've all got to start somewhere, and well done for having a go. On my first ever dressage test (about 100 years ago now..) I got beaten by a horse called 'Grotty'.
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    Schooling in a small school

    Definitely sounds doable to me! As your horse gets more balanced it all gets easier.
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    Buy my first? (after 30 years)

    This ^^^
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    Minor Irritations

    Over rugging. Horse owners who are feeling cold that day (possibly because they 'feel the cold' all the time) and pile the rugs on their poor horses who are quite literally sweating underneath them. Grrrr....
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    They say never meet your childhood hero....

    Gay....a beautiful song from Clifford T Ward. He had some success in the 70's...In fact, all his songs are beautiful.
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    They say never meet your childhood hero....

    I drove to a local event yard some time ago now, very popular with a fantastic XC course that included a few advanced jumps. As I drove along past the XC course `i noticed someone riding over the huge jumps, making it look so was Mary King. She was so lovely, chatting to me and my...
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    Minor Irritations

    People that have perfectly lovely horses with no health issues, all ready to do a job and they never ride them. I know this is a divisive subject, but I do believe horses are quite capable of becoming bored, and most seem to relish a bit of work.
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    Minor Irritations

    I spend a lot of time explaining to the dog that if he finds the horseshoe (somewhere in the 5 acre field) he will have extra dinner. I show him what a horse shoe looks like (just to make sure), he has a good sniff. I look him squarely in the eye and explain about double dinners again, send him...
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    Canter explosions and other stories

    I would say you have to rule out pain firstly. If (in the probably unlikely) event of him being sound, I would suggest finding him somewhere where he could be turned out for many hours every day - possibly 24/7. Also, try no hard feed at all - just plentiful hay. Good luck.
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    New horse anxiety

    Thats excellent!
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Are you the same Stressymummy that found it 'amusing' that someones horse was killing the yard chickens in an earlier thread?
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    Slopey pasterns/conformation questions

    I definitely remember reading that the very successful racehorse Mill Reef had very slopy pasterns. As far as I know, he retired sound.
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    Husband uttered words I never thought he would!

    Ive often wondered if I could sneak in another Friesian (they all look quite similar from a distance)....I'm sure it would be AGES before the OH noticed....