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    wow! Cheetah

    wooww 75! Well Done Cheetah! lol
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    HOW MUCH? did I get for my horse?

    ok, heres a second guess £3000 ?
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    HOW MUCH? did I get for my horse?

    £2,750 i think :S ( a complete guess)
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    Mare Site

    For thoses who love the experience of seeing new life or want to learn, go on this site, ive only been on it twice and already seen some births which was great. Just remember these people have kindly brought cameras into their stables for us to watch and enjoy
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    Jim Cronin has died

    Ohhh how sad, i was jsut watchng Monkey World aswell rip Jim xxx
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    4x4 road tax may go up to £400 a year!!.

    oh it better not go up, £400! ive noticed theres lots of people buying 4 x 4 just because of there power. We have one for a job to tow the trailer, it has a purpose! ohhh we shouldn't have to pay that much! grr!
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    Would you pay 2,220 for a Shetland to show?

    no i wouldnt, if you had a child it would last them 1 year and they would probably not be strong enough. If you loved showing in hand i guess yes. But for me its a no even though there so cute! xxx
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    What causes the horse to buck? Is it just cantering when she bucks? Did whoever looked at her back actually saythe horse can never be ridden again? I would rest the horse for a a few months or even longer, then slowly start again from the basics. But this horse sounds abit dodgy with the back...
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    boett or snuggy

    i had a boett on my old pony, worked great! - but never heard of snuggy before
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    Which of these horses would you choose...

    abit off subject but would you buy a older horse (16+) with experience, or a younger horse (4 & under) with less?
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    Which of these horses would you choose...

    8 year old, 16.2hh bay TB gelding, lots of potential as an eventer Young, decent height, Lovely breed, gelding which i think has better temprement than a mare, good potential - jumping and this one sounds nice 7 year old, 16.2hh Hanovarian mare, many wins showjumping, showing some potential...
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    I'm so happy......

    Woo what a difference! Did you find out what the 'bump' was? Looked really painful before
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    Too tired to type!

    What a warm day even though i think my legs are goin to fall off! Ive been walking along (more like running)with my friend on Honey along the railway track and running as fast as i can to get the pony cantering! But we had a pinic which was yummy, so with a bit of energy left i managed to...
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    jockey punches hrse in the face

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I hope he never goes by animals again! [/ QUOTE ] Did you even bother to read this thread? You weren't there so have no right to pass judgement, he did NOT punch it. [/ QUOTE ] i was only saying my opinion
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    jockey punches hrse in the face

    I hope he never goes by animals again!