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    How long is this going to hurt for??

    Done this a few times, actually a few weeks ago, still painful and swollen now but I just get on with it. I did it very badly last year and I had a limp for a month! That was soft tissue damage.
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    How to teach horse flying change???

    Is it for dressage or show jumping? You can teach them by using a small fence/raised pole, just canter over it and give the aids for the change and they'll start to associate and you can then change without the pole but this does encourage them to jump into the change and sometimes not do a...
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    John Whittaker breastplates- any good?

    Yeh I've got a V check one with the martingale attachment, very good quality.
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    Really worried about big boy.

    Could just be tightness somewhere. Mare I've just taken on was dragging both back legs quite badly, looking arthritic etc as she was so tight, two sessions and she is moving fantastically. I wouldn't panic just yet, just see what happens.
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    Bad behaviour you put up with !!

    None! You let one thing go and it'll snowball!
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    Building top line in youngster

    Long lining on a circle (lunging with two lines), start with 10 mins and build it up, never do more than 3 circles without changing pace/direction and don't do more than 20 mins at a time, its brilliant, I swear by it. Currently doing 20 mins 5 times a week with a horse I have for reschooling...
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    Introducing jumping to a youngster

    I'd loose school him over a few so he gets the idea if you can. I wouldn't start with one at the end of trotting poles, you'll get an awkward jump as its much more difficult for them to jump from trot as their legs are in the wrong place. With unbalanced ones I set up a canter pole just...
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    Reputable Irish Dealers in North East Area?

    What are you after?
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    Equi-ami/ Pessoa/ Similar..... what do you all reckon?

    Long lining (lunging with two lines) for 20 mins 5 times a week will do the job if done properly :).
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    Will hogging make it thicker?

    I really don't know, I don't have much experience with these breeds, but I would definitely say my Welshies mane grows back better every time, whether that's just me thinking that or not I don't know. It won't do any harm to hog. Mine has a full mane again (pulled/plaiting length) by March/April...
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    Will hogging make it thicker?

    I don't know the scientific answer, but I hog my gelding's mane every autumn as it gets really thin from him itching etc and it always grows back really thick and lovely, so I would recommend doing it. Don't listen to people who say it grows back horrible, not true at all! Its still the same hair!
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    advice regarding green eyed monsters

    I know I'm a bit late to this thread but that is absolutely disgusting, what kind of people are on your yard?! I just cannot fathom someone doing that, absolute scum! Is there another suitable yard you could move to at all or is this definitely where is best for you and your horse? If there's...
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    i feel like im taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back with my me!!

    He's a youngster, he's going to test you, they take a lot of work, patience and persistence. Just give him firm boundaries, make sure you are very clear about your personal space and use your elbows/rope to make it very clear if need be.
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    Whats the best way to deal with a spooking horse.

    Always ignore, I'd never pat a horse while it was spooking, sends mixed messages, horse just thinks you're praising it for being scared. If you think it about it from the horse's point of view. He looks/spooks at something, rider praises with a pat/soft voice. Horse thinks I was right to do...
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    Olympic Eventing XC Thread

    Really hope Japanese horse is okay, how absolutely gutting. Not going to lie Mary's round is making me nervous, do they normally look so haphazard? Someone reassure me haha I don't follow eventing much!