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    Moving yard decision!

    I hack and school, and def would need the school to be done by winter. I think I need to go back with OH. The things which are temping me are post and rail fencing, no more untangling and repairing electric, and being so close. Also I dont want to upset/fall out with the yard where I am!
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    Moving yard decision!

    Hi, I wonder if you could help me! I went to look round a new yard that was lovely, I wasnt really planning on moving but wondered what you thought! Current yard, on the plus side, very friendly help if I need it reasonable facilities, its diy but £10 for a day on livery annd £15 at weekends...
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    Yards Sepperton, Laleham, staines, egham

    Thanks, I will have a look. If you here of any thing locally with good fencing let me know!
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    Yards Sepperton, Laleham, staines, egham

    Oh ok thanks, going towards wraysbury?
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    Yards Sepperton, Laleham, staines, egham

    Sorry, meant to say Shepperton!
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    Yards Sepperton, Laleham, staines, egham

    Hi does anyone know of any livery yards in these areas? Thanks
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    Yards in Esher/Cobham

    Pannells farm is lovely, but some fields are on the edge of the M25. Fine as long as you dont have escaping horse!
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    Does anyone need...

    Do you mean 'gap' year!
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    price of livery, what u all think?

    wow where do you live!?
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    Horse just won't stand still

    I would reccomend that every time you gandle your horse to ride or not you take them to the mounting block and ask hem to stand by it, and you on the mounting block. So your horse gets in the habit of standing there saddle or no saddle ride or no ride. Then even if they are in pain and you sort...
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    Nightmare YO! Sorry for the rant but Im so upset!

    there are lots of places in eb, but not many with school, or high enough fencing maybe. you could try shelford to then at least you would still have toll ride. Further afield theres nice places in Scarrington. If you need anymore info let me know
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    Nightmare YO! Sorry for the rant but Im so upset!

    Have you tried Carol Fisher at Newton, or Trisha Large in East Bridgford.I can suggest lots of other places, just let me know what facilities you want
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    inhand showing what do you lead with

    Do I lead with reins over head, or do I need a special lead rein?