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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Congratulations on your surprise foal, he is a beauty!
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    What would you do?

    I would ask your manager if they had any concerns about how you rode when you first started working there. If they say no, then ask for more opportunities to ride if possible as you really enjoy that as part of the job.
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    Injured horse on weeks trial period

    Poor horse.
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    Because You Like a Dave pic.

    He is really beautiful.
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Hiugs to you Caol, you have had a really tough time. Fingers crossed she is not pregnant. Wait til you get your vet out before worrying too much about a possible foal. Take care of yourself xxx
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    Has anyone moved in with partner for a better life for their horses?

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think you should give it a go, it would be a shame to stay on your island and always wonder what might have been. If you have your own place you can rent out, you are in a very good position. I wish you all the very best with your partner.
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    That belly.

    Very cute :)
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    I've booked my horse in with the vets to be PTS

    The waiting really is the worst part. I was with my friend this morning when he had his horse pts. The horse went quickly and peacefully and my friend within a couple of minutes said he felt a weight lift off him. It is so hard getting through the leadup period. From the sound of it you have no...
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    Astra Zeneca jab

    I had my first AZ vaccination 17 hours ago with no side effects so far.
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    There are so many worse ways for horses to die than humane euthanasia. I've been present for several of these endings with different vets and am eternally grateful for their expertise in quickly and quietly dispatching my much loved horses. If the horse had a peaceful ending there is nothing...
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    A tribute

    RIP Coop, what a beautiful horse and heartfelt tribute.
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    Colic - healing vibes please

    So sorry you lost your mare.
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    Pictures Day one of the track system is going well...

    She is having a great time :)
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    What does it mean to be confident?

    Just go to the interview and be honest about your experience and be yourself. Personality and trainability may also be important qualities as it is an apprenticeship you are seeking. Presumably the successful applicant will be trained on the job. Good luck.
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    Steroid induced laminitis-thoughts?

    I have a tb that got cortisone induced laminitis. He was prescribed cortisone shots for 5 days due to severe hives. On the 6th day he was showing clear laminitis signs. Pain and heat in front feet. We spoke to the treating vet and immediately removed him from pasture and only fed soaked hay and...