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    Feed advice please - protein and magnesium

    On advice of the vet, my cob needs to lose weight and I need to do this over the winter to stand a chance next spring. Amongst other things (increased work, decreased rugs)I have started to soak her hay and she get a small scoop of chaff to carry her supplements. I feed Equiminns Advanced...
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    Mark Todd Winter Riding Gloves

    I really like them for riding when really cold, they keep out the rain to a point but not completely waterproof. They go a bit hard if saturated but loosen up. I can't bear to wear them when even slightly warm though but do buy a pair every couple of years for my go to winter riding gloves.
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    Reversing Trailer ...any tips?

    This is exactly how I was taught - if you want to go straight back and see the trailer appearing in one mirror, you 'steer at it'. Other thing to remember is not to steer too fiercely and that there is often a delay before the trailer responds. If it doesn't go to plan, pull forwards so all...
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    Pictures Shameless love him thread

    He's definitely my cup of tea!! Lovely - you both look so happy together x
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    How to look smart...(schooling/lessons/clinics)

    I have 4 pairs of decent jodhpurs/riding leggings with sticky bums. Neutral colours mainly, navy, brown, grey and a dark purple pair for something different. I’ve got a few joules polos I wear mainly for at home/for hacking and just match the top colour to a pair of leggings. Then for...
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    Strangest thing said to you while out riding?

    Cute one - small child exclaimed "oh look mummy that horse has been sick". Had no idea what she was talking about then realised that the hedgerow snack combined with her mouth foam had resulted in green 'sick' down her chest!
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    Update on side bone issues

    That's great news, hope all goes well
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    Non ridden equines

    I get where you are coming from with the yard thing. Different circumstances but I am currently not riding due to horse being broken and building up through rehab exercises under vet's advice. I have lost count, and very bored with, people asking me when I can ride. I appreciate their concern...
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    Right on way on a steep hill with a trailer

    I think the brake kicks in you try to reverse a trailer uphill (no idea why). Have been in a similar situation with a friend and her brakes locked on and the other person had to reverse downhill.
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    'ansom is as 'ansom does

    Me too! It seems to be a bit of a Marmite thing - as do heads of the opposite extreme which are not my thing at all!
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    Wits end with feeding Equimins!

    Mine scoffs the powder just with honeychop lite n healthy - she seems to be in the minority but she seems to really relish it!
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    brazilian GP rider

    I can't unsee that, just vile:(
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    Dressage Rider Training

    I'm still doing it and find it so beneficial when I stick with it BUT I lack the discipline to keep going so have restarted Xx number of times in the 18 months and never got beyond week 6! Your post has motivated to kick myself up the proverbial - impressed you have finished although it sounds...
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    Leg Clipping/ Scissoring

    I scissor cut heavy feathers and we both quite enjoy it. I invested in some heavy duty but fairly small 'kitchen devils' - man enough to cut chicken bones should do it!
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    Elderly dog abandoned

    Just seen that the elderly lab in OP has been taken in by the ex-owner's family (estranged?)