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    What makes your horse perfect for you?

    My girl was perfect from the beginning, she was exactly what I had always wanted/ dreamed of having (5 year old andalusian with bags of talent), and I was shocked when she became available to me :). She's funny, has a huge personality, quirky, cheeky, very brave, sensitive, willing, bold, moves...
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    Your horses imperfections

    T can be a typical baby spanish mare at times. Has the odd nip when she feels you aren't giving her enough attention. Likes to chuck in a huge buck when excited/feeling devious. Doesn't like standing around waiting for others. And can just be a cow in general. But... when she's good, she's...
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    Loan horse saddle/back issues - what do i do?

    Exactly the same as me :) I bought my (permanent) full loan mare a brand new wardrobe, including a new saddle. If her owner were to ever take her back, the stuff I bought her I keep, no doubt about that! We have stated in our loan contract the equipment she came with, in which I obviously...
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    Does the perfect horse exist?

    I think it's impossible to identify the "perfect" horse. Everyone's needs and wants are different, therefor so will their horses be. I have my perfect horse- Andusian x Arab 5 year old mare- fantastic alrounder with a huge scopey jump, moves like a dream, and does anything/everything I've ever...
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    Session 29 hot hot hot

    I still think he is doing far too many intense sessions without enough break in-between. How many sessions does Armas have a week with this trainer? Isn't this the third video in three days? Apologies if that's wrong, but it seems to be one after the other. I notice that Armas is uncomfortable...
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    Today's session lists of progress

    Out of interest, how many sessions a week do you have with this trainer? He looked tense and uncomfortable today, maybe he's being pushed too hard too soon? After all, slow and steady wins the race.
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    A teensy bit bitter and twisted...

    Massive hugs OP. I completely sympathise and was in a similar situation not long ago. Sold first horse in 2011 (I only had her 9 months) as she was a bit nuts and was just completely the wrong horse for me at the time. Bought my beautiful second mare shortly after who was perfect and a cracking...
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    How much time do you spend at the yard each day ?

    1-2 hours in the week after work. As much time as possible on weekends (mostly all day)
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    Arrow equestrian centre

    A few friends of mine have previously had lessons there and absolutely loved them! ...considering we're in kent too, it was a good few hours drive! So must have been well worth it :)
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    x-country, advice please?

    Thank you both for your replies, really appreciate it. Good idea about the change of clothes (I hadn't thought of that) ...will definitley use a neck strap too! I'm off to Bonfleur (Kent) :) ...I had a nose on the website and I can see baby jumps which is great :) ... I'm excited at tackling the...
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    x-country, advice please?

    Hi all, I'm off x-country training (me and a few friends are hiring a course) this weekend! But I am feeling incredibly nervous! Jumping/x-country has never been my forte! But I like to give everything a go and mix my 5 year olds training up a little (andalusian x arab). She's an absolute...
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    How old is too old to still be green?

    I think it depends really, what is people's classing of "green"??. My 5 year old andalusian can leg yeild, walk, trot and canter in an outline, will pop over a small jump/course of jumps with ease ...she has an older head on her shoulders though, and learns so quickly it's actually quite scary...
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    Yard boots?

    A few friends have had the same issues as me now (toe splitting at just under a year old). We were then told that Dubarrys have unfortunately followed a similiar path as the Hunter wellies- quality previously being fantastic, but they're now being made cheaply resulting in them being rubbish...
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    Yard boots?

    Hi all, I'm after a new pair of yard boots, but am un-sure to which are the best on the market at the moment. I previously had a pair of Dubarrys, but never again! They most certainly aren't "winter" boots. Any recommendations?
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    What are your horsey must haves?? :)

    - Ariat Bromonts (absolutely in love with them and can't ride in anything else now) - Eskadrom numnah (best numnah I've ever used) - Snuggy hood (My absolute life saver- I have a grey andalusian with a long beautiful white mane who doesn't wear a neck rug in the winter :eek::eek:)