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    Tell me about shivering, please?

    I've found a noticeable improvement in symptoms with the elevated Vit E adn the addition of L-Tryptophan @ 10g twice per day. I' also experimenting with a Rambo ionic rug and it seems to be helping too.
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    Feeding Advice for Horse with Shivers

    Sorry, missed this. I buy the L-Tryptophan from eBay.
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    Feeding Advice for Horse with Shivers

    I have a mare with suspected shivers and find a low sugar / starch diet works well for us, she's currently out all day then in overnight with ad-lib haylage. She gets 2 feeds a day of Agrobs weisencobs and green oats chaff with equivita mineral balancer, mycosorb and salt. I tend to keep her in...
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    Veteinary Thermal Imaging

    I think i depends very much on the experience / knowledge of the person interpreting the results. I had my geldings legs & back imaged and it very clearly highlighted the exact spots where his kissing spines were, I was then able to proceed with back x-rays & treatment, in this instance I could...
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    The wrong breed for the job

    I know of an american company that trains protection dogs that are currently working with an airdale. :D And there was a picture on FB the other day of a lurcher on a shoot, although apparently he only picks up when he feels like it lol
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    Australian stringhalt - any experiences

    I'm sure i've read somewhere that mycotoxins can be a cause / make it worse, how about trying a mycotoxin binder? Its not expensive so theres not much to lose.
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    Joint supplements

    I've always had very good results from Aviform Suppleaze gold, I've seen a difference within 2 weeks.
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    Pricing help please - equine car boot

    I agree with Red-1, I did an equine car boot and sold pretty much everything whereas I saw lots of people take most of their stuff home. Be prepared to barter with people and let your clutter go, packing it back up to take home will drive you crackers lol
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    Why not baby your baby??

    My full TB stayed on mum till she was a year old (which may have made a difference) but they were both (lightly) rugged throughout the worst of winter as they were out 24/7 with ad-lib hay. She's now 6 and grows a coat like a yak in winter so i'm not sure being rugged as a foal has altered her...
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    Epsm feeding help!!!!

    High fat diets can increase the risk of a horse developing insulin resistance but upping Vit E (to somewhere around 5000iu per day), selenium, and magnesium and adding in AlCar seems to be helping a lot of horses.
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    Mycotoxin binder & other supplements?

    I've been giving mycosorb to my suspected shiverer for the last 2 weeks and she's shown huge improvement but I feel she could do with a joint supplement, I'm guessing that the mycosorb will also absorb the joint supplement? Does anyone have any experience of feeding a binder? Would I work if I...
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    Help! Ulcers won't go away!

    Could there be something else going on? My geldings ulcers rumbled on for some time and it turned out he'd got kissing spines so I think that constant low level pain was enough to stop them from healing properly despite treatment.
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    "Back Men"

    I regularly use a qualified and insured chiropractor & massage therapist that I rate very highly and there are occasions where i'd call her rather than the vet, as in all professions there are people out there who will happily take your money for doing nothing but talking the talk and convincing...
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    Becky Holden is coming here to teach - anyone interested?

    I'd definitely love to come with one of mine, not sure which one yet, I'd want to do in-hand / long-reining as Becky's so good at it and I could really do with some help in refining my skills. :)
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    Horse hates farrier but cant be barefoot - PLEASE HELPPPPPP ;(

    I have a horse that is exactly like this but at 18hh there simply isn't an option of physically restraining her and neither did I want to sedate her as I really don't think thats the answer - i'm not sure i'd be happy about being in a situation i'm scared of but being unable to run away. My...